Why I Put Links Up

My last post was written to show how much exited women on the net are intimated.

It is all links to this blog since  I started it, all porn links and threatening language is normal.

This is not the work of trolls, who are mainly individuals detach from society. No, it is highly organised and unrelenting hate from the sex trade lobby.

My post was written from a place of frustration, a place of anger and a place of reaching out.

There is constant trolling of feminists on the net, especially on Twitter – and often women and some men are very supportive to the women who are being persecuted.

This is wonderful – but I want to write to say that exited women get an endless onslaught of hate and intimidation, and we receive little or no support, or even much interest in our plight.

Sorry – is that because we are considered human enough to hurt by the porn-fuelled hate throw at us?

Are we not feminist enough to be worthy of support when we are attacked to the point we could kill ourselves?

Or are we so sub-human that we just have get used to it and shut up complaining?

The sex trade lobby is trying to drive us mad, trying to make us commit suicide, trying to wipe our voices from the face of the earth.

This is done by relentless intimidation and ridicule.

This is not individuals but a multi-billions of dollars organisation, that has plenty of time and people to grind opposition into dust.

It is common for the sex trade profiteers to pay punters to send hate and threats to our blogs, to our Facebook pages, and to Twitter.

We are being attacked by the sex trade for daring to know and speak the truth, and the more we are believed and respected, the more threatened the sex trade is.

I want feminists and the Left to be more supportive to all exited women who are being attacked.

Do not turn away from us – unless you can accept that will seen as you viewing us as sub-humans.

4 responses to “Why I Put Links Up

  1. I am so sorry you are subjected to this but it is sadly inevitable. Two three above all the punters and the pimps will go to any lengths to protect (1) the use of their economic power to buy the right to use and abuse women’s and children’s bodies for sexual use and abuse (2) the narcissi belief that women (and even children) enjoy be the object of their sexual use and abuse – they point to pornography as evidence of women’s consent and desire instead of evidence of abuse and (3) this one is directed at pimps (and on a larger scale traffickers). YOU restore sent a threat to all all hence the brutal threats from them and to a lesser extent other women under their control (in the US we call them “bottom women”) who do their dirty work for them in exchange for a bit less abuse or a few token privileges. Have courage my sister. You will/are the change we will see in wow men’s lives.


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