I have been an abolitionist speaker since 2008 – but I am rarely paid.

This affects my mental health and self-worth.

I believe that I am an professional speaker, who speaks to abolition and the affects of living inside extreme trauma.

I choose to speak as radical exited woman – who try to teach the connection of prostitution to pornography, that all forms of prostitution are inherently unsafe because of male violence, and that prostitution cannot be separated from trafficking.

Here is a short list of where I have spoken.

Feminism in London, 2015, 2012, 2009 and 2008.

In Stockholm, June 2015.

Object AGM, September 2014.

For BBC Radio 4, Four Thought, May 2014.

Glasgow Radical Feminist Conference, September 2012.

Challenging Porn Culture, London, December 2011.

Compass, a left-wing think-tank, London, June 2010.

Manchester Million Women Rise, October 2010.

A TV interview for students, London, March 2010.

Channel 4 News, June 2008.