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11 responses to “Links

  1. Dear Rebecca – Thank you for posting this. I have just read through it and have lots to say but not right now, needing some time to gather my thoughts.

    With great difficulty at first (didn’t want to read it) I am reading “Being and Being Bought, Prostitution, Surrogacy and the Split Self” by Kajsa Ekis Ekman.

    It is easier to read as I get into it and I have reached page 49. I will post again when I finish it.

    Then, I hope I don’t EVER have to let my brain get anywhere near any serious consideration of feminist academic analysis stuff.

    You refer to feminist academics elsewhere and yes – – I believe they just balance a million arguments (not angels) on the head of a pin and feel ok doing that. Sorry. Not logical. But I had a decade or more of them and I tried to relate my experiences and understanding to their analyses. I didn’t succeed.

    The MOST important thing for me to say is that your recent posting about “being nothing” had the best and most important stuff in it about living and staying in confusion and contradiction (I think) that I have ever found.

    Because I have wanted but been unable to respond to this for a couple of weeks I am doing it now, quite badly. I hope I will do it more clearly other times, but right now, I am seizing the moment, bumbling chaotically into a few comments – – –

    Your extensive posting stuff about confusion etc is brilliant. That is where I want to start.

    Until I read your posting I did not have the words to express my stuff. I have been trying to put my thoughts into words for 19 years or more and not succeeded. I hope I can be more articulate following your posting. No promises.

    Just to hear someone put into words the things I have been thinking, makes it possible for me to do so also, hopefully, in the future.

    You have said elsewhere we need to find the words. Yes. Yes. Please keep posting.



  2. When I saw this I was worried your account had been hacked! Where did these come from? Are they search terms or actual internet links?


  3. This is what we come into contact with daily as exited women. I skimmed this as it was all so horribly familiar- the bites come bit by bit but add up to this. overwhelming. We are meant to just ‘get over it. How does one get over a reality like this. PTS is there for a reason.


  4. This is because of the subject/some of the words that happen to be used on your blog. Bots or people paid to post links (not punters- just it’s sometimes someone’s job to do the online advertising) think it is a site where people will be interested in such things. It’s not aimed at you personally.


  5. Danceexploits you are kind of right. I never take these links personally, rather I see it as attack on all exited women who speak out. It is often punters sending threats or links – and they are usually paid by sex trade profiteers. This is a very serious threat, and must not be taken lightly, for the sex trade see us as sub-humans who must be destroyed by any means.


  6. Danceexploits – has this ever happened to you – and on this scale? If not, how would you feel these posts/links were directed at you – if you were named in all of them just because you had used one or more words like sex, fuck etc?

    Please answer. Has it happened to you? if so how does it make you feel? or how would you feel if it hasn’t happened to you but it might?

    (I have received trolled stuff like this that was vaguely relevant to me that vaguely connects with this posting by Rebecca. It drove me half mad with rage, anger and rage, and terrible terrible feelings of helplessness.

    If it hasn’t happened to you just spend a little time imagining how you would feel if you somehow related to the references – whore, slut, Rebecca, mother, stepdad, etc.

    How about you, Danceexploits? Or are you part of it all?


  7. I’m sure it’s upsetting. What I’m saying is most of these are bots, certainly not punters, not even human, and can be stopped by putting a simple line of text in the website code. I wouldn’t have known how to do it either but I found a good page describing it, will post it later. No I’m not part of any sort of conspiracy :):):):):):)


  8. I do not think you are any part of a conspiracy – just trying to be helpful. But please take serious that this mainly done by the sex trade lobby, including paying punters to send endless links and hate mail. It is not personal, but is part of keeping the prostituted as sub-human goods.


  9. It is also about the experiences of anyone who is being stalked and / or being illegally cloned.

    I want to write about this but have never been able to relate to anyone else’s experiences of it. I have felt I have been in a void. For 19 years. Without support. Is there anybody out there? I am ok right now, having worked through lots of stuff on my own without support.

    Rebecca, with your blogs you are putting the words and these kinds of internet links into public view.

    Please, please keep doing this.

    With increasing love for you Rebecca,

    PS (please ignore this if you cannot see the connections to my message above and to your blogs, Rebecca)

    (NB – please accept me as someone for whom words are my thing but I know they are not for most people. Don’t read on if you have got this far and have had more than enough.)

    (hmm, to continue about the references to stalking and cloning –

    Well, call me psychotic or schitzophrenic if you want – but – hey –

    – in those intervening 19 years referred to above, I had a couple of medics ask me, directly or indirectly if I was having illusions/delusions, when I voiced my feelings that I was being stalked, that I was being cloned.

    But I was always able to say (because this was what I believed), well, maybe I have got it wrong, its just possible that I am imagining things.

    So I have never been diagnosed as psychotic or schitzophrenic.

    Even so, I very much wanted to be diagnosed as PTSD or PDSD or at the least as seriously stressed out, seriously freaked out, suicidal (several serious attempts) and I was never diagnosed as anything, just left with medication, and eventually after about 15 YEARS (YES, 15 YEARS), a few NHS sessions of gentle CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) following a couple of NHS consultation sessions. That’s all.

    All of this helped me to get to a sort of emotional or psychological equilibrium, which is where I am now. And I feel ok (most of the time).

    Just another PS:

    I think there are probably lots of versions of you, Rebecca, out there. Maybe not. But if there all, thank you to all of you if you are contributing to these blogs.

    I am English and live in Bristol, England, but because I spent most of my academic study (extensive) and lecturing time (brief) in Wales, the name Rebecca resounds as a name of resistance and rebellion. The Daughters of Rebecca. Men blacked up as women, resisting toll charges that stopped their freedom of movement. Very rural. Whatever.


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