Nothing Will Come of Nothing

To be prostituted is to be in void.

It is nothing happening to no-one.

Our bodies are not allowed to exist.

Our pain is silenced.

Our grief is tossed away.

Even our memory of being human is written over.

To be prostituted is to be no-one.

Our voice is taken over by the sex trade.

Our ability to feel is numbed.

Our sense of hearing is only there to obey.

Our skin is so polluted it become an alien.

To be prostituted is to belong nowhere.

No room can fit us.

No room or space is safe enough for us to scream.

Our screams go to the pain of our bodies we ignore.

Pain that is our only home and remainder

This is not right.

To be prostituted is to have no rights.

No right to have an authentic voice.

No right to know safety.

No right to privacy.

No right to life.

We made nothing, nowhere and no humanity.

So called that sex work.

2 responses to “Nothing Will Come of Nothing

  1. Dear Rebecca,
    This is a very powerful poem. THANK YOU for writing&sharing it. Can we circulate?

    Dr Nusha Yonkova
    Gender&Anti-trafficking Expert
    Immigrant Council of Ireland I 2 St Andrew St, Dublin 2 I Ph: +353 1 6740202 I Direct: +353 1 6458052 E-mail:
    UCD E-mail: (viva 3/2019, conferring 9/2019)

    Immigrant Council of Ireland Ltd is a company limited by guarantee not having a share capital, registered in Dublin, Ireland.
    Registered Office: 2 St Andrew St, Dublin 2, Ireland
    Registered Company No: 412824 Registered Charity No: CHY 16908
    Directors: Dr R Fazaeli (chairperson), P Berman, O Corbett, J Cunningham, Sr S Kennedy RSC, H Quigley, N Reilly, R Wall

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