So Would You Do It

There is always the debate about prostitution, especially indoors prostitution that if it is made into a job – then it should be open to all women.

If it is made into what is framed as employment – then all the nastiness will disappear.

Call it work – and then would you do it, tell me honestly that you do it.

I will give some basis outlines for this “employment”, and maybe if you can connect it to normal work, and say you would do it without coercion or force, if you can do it long-term without injury or mental damage – then maybe it can be classed as work.

But I doubt you be able think prostitution is just employment – unless you framed slavery as employment.

I know and I am fully aware that many jobs are highly dangerous; I know very well that many employees dislike or are intensely bored in their jobs; I am politically aware that many employers oppressed and mistreat their employees.

All this is known by me and by the abolition movement.

But to compare prostitution with these jobs is a red herring, and endangers the prostituted class every day.

Most dangers in real jobs are either accidents – even if they can be man-made accidents or careless job practices.

But these accidents are not normally murders, it is highly unlikely that industrialised rape is normal for most employees, sexual torturing is not the norm in most workspaces.

That is not true with prostitution – with prostitution the so-called employers have full rights to let their employees be raped, to be tortured, and murder is a shadow that follows all of the prostituted class.

That is not work – that is slavery.

When and if in real work a female employee is sexually abused or on rare occasion raped in the workplace – there is often outrage, or at least a tribunal. It is not made invisible.

To be a prostitute, rape and sexual abuse is made your role – being made into your role, it become next to impossible to say it could be a crime or even over-stepping the mark.

You do not rape the prostitute – for it framed as exchanging goods. Inside that terrible frame, it just fucking parts of a body – nothing more, nothing less.

The prostitute is stripped of all rights – she is just fuck goods.

This is true in all aspects of prostitution – only the violence and hate done to high-class is kept firmly hidden from the public gaze.

To kept this hidden the prostitutes learn to speak the language of their oppressor, and will survive by saying they are happy in their “work”.

But to speak that language, the prostitute has to be dead on a deep level. Dead to the pain of male violence; dead to the constant language of hate that keeps her in her place; dead to knowing how many punters have poured their porn-hate into her; dead to knowing she is made sub-human.

Sure, loads of people hate their jobs, many people do their jobs on automatic – but most are not made into sub-human and lose their essence.

In your job or main interest in life – is it expected that you made only the parts of the body that can be raped, do you have no face and no voice?

Is it your norm to be a sex object for up to twenty men in about six hours – or even to be put with one man who is given full permission to own you, so any violence must be expected?

In your workplace, is the threat of murder always held over you – do many employees just disappear from the workplace, and in the silences it is known they either to somewhere worse or murdered?

Do you live with long-term and highly damaging STDs, do you have many injuries from the violence of porn-rape, are you living inside extreme trauma?

All that is the norm of prostitution – that is the norm of sexual slavery, that is the norm of be made sub-human.

That must never be labelled as normal work – for doing that is a terrible betrayal to all the prostituted class.

See it as slavery, see as genocide, see the utter stripping of human rights – see that and that will give you the force to end all prostitution.

Every single prostituted woman, girl, boy or man needs you to stop making excuses for the sex trade.

We are being destroyed, as you want to make prostitution nice and tidy.

5 responses to “So Would You Do It

  1. Kynthia – I have only left your comment up as an example of the pro-sex trade lobby not having rational argument when “speaking with” or speaking down to exited women. The old point that I was not a prostitute or at less not a “real” prostitute is pathetic, and show that your major interest is to promote the sex trade whatever the consequences. Saying I use “lurid pseudo-psychological” is not just ridiculous, but is the usual trick of the sex trade lobbyists to ignore the political that is every line of this blog – and attack on the personal level.


  2. I completely agree with Rebecca’s response. It’s so rare that we prostitution survivors attack each other. We usually react to one another like soldiers who’ve nearly died on the same battlefield.

    Thank you Rebecca, for your beautiful, bold brilliance. xoxoxo loads of love always


  3. I love what you’ve written here Rebecca and I agree totally. When I spoke at a conference in London alongside a survivor of lapdancing, during question time a (female) member of the audience made an astonishingly flawed comparison between prostitution and toilet cleaning / working on the London Underground. As you stated, I would not for a moment dispute that some jobs carry higher levels of risk than others. But as I said then, there is no way that these jobs can be compared with being a prostitute. Where else do 68% of women in ’employment’ meet the criteria for PTSD equivalent to that for torture victims, did up to 75% start as children, are up to 95% of the ‘workforce’ problematic drug users? What other job in London has a mortality rate 12 times the national average? (see Object website for stats) Looking at the facts, it’s not a job description most people would line up for, and I’ll bet the glib defenders of an industry they clearly don’t understand wouldn’t be first in the line themselves. They just want to protect the right of women like you and I to be exploited. So they keep the facts out of the debate and instead babble about rights and freedom of expression. Nice.


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