Time of the Plague

During this Coronavirus crisis, I want to focus on the prostituted.

Of course everyone is vulnerable to this virus – but I write coz the prostituted as usual are made invisible.

Their welfare is not a priority or even thought about as far as authorities are concerned. As usual it left to the volunteer sector and too much to exited women without funds or support.

This crisis is yet another reminder that the prostituted are considered to be non-humans, so their physical and mental welfare is not important.

The prostituted should be a priority for they are in grave danger.

How can any prostitute be safe when all punters ignore no touch and keeping a safe distance.

Remember this not one punters, but many.

The virus is a lottery, and very likely to affect a large part of the population – so tell how the prostituted can be keep safe.

Punters will kiss, will penetrate every hole they can find, will spit, will spread sperm all over her body, will hit, will choke – all violence done in close contact is done to the prostituted body.

How is that not a breeding ground for any and all viruses.

But by some miracle the prostituted are meant to be safe.

Please repeat everywhere you can this message.

I am scared and very sad about this.



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