Voice Unheard

This post is tribute to all the exited women who write and speak out.

It may appear we are shouting to the wind, but it is bringing about real and permanent change.

A change that shake those sitting on the wall of doubt into following the road to abolition.

A change where those who follow the sex work lobby without thinking too much, to people who cannot a world that buy and sell human for male sexual greed.

Our voices are that earthquake – even as all we see is the rocks crashing down on us.

I want to all exited sisters – you are my spirit and warrior family.

You are my conscience. You have unfrozen my heart.

I exited from every continent through writing this blog – and every day I learn from you all.

I am proud to be part of you, proud to be Abolitionist, proud to be alive after living inside hell.

I know we can never stop speaking out, not as the silent screams of those still in the sex trade burns our skins.

Those who are reading this, and are not exited from the sex trade – stop and fully listen to the multiple voices of exited women.

Do place them into neat stereotypes – the eternal victim, the strong warrior, the damaged goods, the inspiring preacher and so forth.

See beyond those boxes, see each and every exited women is a mixture of strength, deep vulnerability, living with trauma, often deeply detached, capable of revoluntary   thoughts and words.

To be an exited is live inside contradictions as your norm.

The most important to know is that in my opinion my exited sisters are the bravest and most clear thinking people that I have ever know.

This is not in most of those stereotypes – for to see that is know that exited women are more than ready to take leadership roles, and to make the revolution that is how abolition is formed.

Instead it is safer to kept the wild and targeted voices of exited women tame and controllable.

Hell, too often so-called allies of the left, in the feminist groups or religious organisations keep as as pet writers or speakers, but never allow us to be full human beings.

I see it come from fear – but I so tired of putting your fears and ignorance before the rights of the prostituted.

What are afraid of.

You may say it hard know that pain and exploitation – but would turn away from battered women and the raped.

You may say it hard to judge when some women appear happy to be prostituted – but have you taken time and space to see her with a clear eye.

I am tired of being there for your fear – as too often it just an excuse to do nothing for the prostituted, and pass on to easier fights.

I see a darkness in your fear.

The darkness that keeps exited women as the Other, as non-human who must stay controlled and easy to manage.

This is silences us – for no exited women wants to be controlled and managed again.

Our spirit is that of runaway horse, the lone wolf, the eagle with clear eye.

We will not be fenced in for your convenient.

To I would like to just thanks my exited sisters in Europe – England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Germany, Romania, Russia, Ulkraine and others I may of forgot.

Same to my America exited sisters – USA, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, West Indies, Cuba, Ecuador and others I may of forgot.

Same to my African exited sisters – Kenya, South Africa, Namibia, Guinea, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Nigeria and others I may of forgot.

Same to my Asian exited sisters – Thailand, Cambodia, India, Pakistan,China, Hong Kong, Japan, and others I may of forgot.

And my Australasian exited sisters – Australia, New Zealand, Samoa, Papua New Guinea and others I may of forgot.

We are a power that is shaking the world.


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