Since moving to Devon, I feel many endings happening to me.

I have felt the hands, breathe, words and threats of punters fading away.

I have realise I am no longer alone, but have family, have great friends and have many who follow and care for me.

Moving away from city life, is giving time to know I am alive – not just going through the motions.

Every day I look into nature, every day the same but every day there are changes.

I watch crows nesting evenings and mornings.

I see or hear woodpeckers, hear creatures in hedges and trees.

Nature soothes out my past, as I live inside the present.

Devon is a healer.

I cure myself as I watch sunsets, as I walk by the river or the cannel.

I heal as Dartmoor is my landscape.

Devon give me time and space to allow trauma to run its course.

I can let in trauma without running away or fighting my Self.

All that has torture me, all the fear punters place in me, all that sense of nothingness can be known and truly felt.

For in Devon as nature, family and friends hold me – I can know that past and say it never my future.


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