To be the Living Dead

Halloween is almost here, so this post make a joke out of my hell.

Halloween is one my favourite celebrations, what with the facing and laughing at what horrified us.

A time to look into the dark and pour life into it.

But, but –

I write to the darkness, write to hell – write to becoming the living dead.

As a class, all the prostituted are made to be the living dead.

That is their role, that become their purpose – a living dead doll to be manipulated, control and throw away.

To be prostituted is know life is pointless, wanting a full humanity is waste of time.

To live as a zombie is the only route to some kind of existence.

A zombie can block out pain, can refuse grief, can live with no past or future.

All punters will paid to fuck the living dead – after all it is only his orgasm that matters.

All sex trade profiteers want to sell zombies – they are easy to control, there is no need to care about their welfare, and there always a constant supply.

To be the living dead is to be the essence of what it is to be prostituted.

To become a zombie is gradual, and on occasions is a sudden death in life.

Most of the prostituted are made to be zombie by a lifetime of multiple vulnerabilities.

That can abuse in childhood, living in poverty, living inside a porn-fuelled state, living with low self-esteem, being groomed by a peer groups and multiple ways to destroys our humanity.

It is rare that one vulnerability drives girls and women into prostitution, it is mostly a cocktail of vulnerabilities.

By the time a prostituted woman is being consumed on regular basis, she will be a zombie, and will survived by blocking that she had a past, that it those vulnerabilities that place under the punters.

She survived by saying she choose the zombie lifestyle, that it is liberating and alternative to be in that state.

To be a zombie is to be free, in control and of course the route to sexual independence.

This is repeated over and over and over – in a zombie slow talking tone – until all sense of life outside this zombie state disappear.

In that environment, the prostituted can only live in the now, moment from moment

I mean moments, coz to know and feel outside the moment, is to reach into fear, pain and grief – so better to block out as much as possible.

To know what is happening as you are consumed as a prostituted, is to driven into madness and route to suicide.

Blocking out reality is life-saving, but is one ingredient to making a zombie.

But, but to know the prostituted reality is the route to hell

To know every part of your body is made into sexual goods, no matter the pain that enters – is too much to bear.

To know punters are paying to rape without consequences, to torture without consequences, to murder without consequences – is too much to bear.

To live in a culture where women and girls disappear, where most of the prostituted have tortured or face death, where murders of the prostituted is so common it is not even reported – is too much to bear.

To survive and exit prostitution is to carry this genocide, remember too many disappearances, to understand what it is to be tortured – we the exited are witnesses to the unspeakable and unbearable.

So this Halloween, place us in your hearts.

Know that the living dead is no myth – the prostituted are all around you.

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