I am thinking of creating this blog into a collection to be published.

I need help with this.

I need an editor, I need to find a radical feminist publisher.

I want to create a book that is about themes not chronological.

I feel struck and rather lost, so need help.

Please contact if you can help in any way, and do spread the word.


3 responses to “Help

  1. Please read Psalm 94 (I like the NLT version.) – you can search for an online Bible if you don’t have one. God knows what you have been through and He is with those who call out to Him.


  2. You know what it is to suffer. But know this, Jesus Christ choose to suffer for you, to allow Himself to be tortured and murdered for YOU because you ARE someone, you are worth it to Him!! He did this for all mankind to save US! But He overcame sin AND death. His offer to you is salvation, healing and LIFE!
    You are loved and valued by God. A treasured daughter of a loving Father!


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