One Bad Apple

The progressive media is suddenly concerned about underaged prostituted women.

This is the same media that preaches sex work, the same media that say underaged prostitute, the same media that claims prostitution should be decimalised.

But heck, Epstein is connected to Trump and the GOP, so wow it is an issue for this media.

This is not prostituted women and girls, this is internal Washington politics and corruption, spread to New York and beyond.

I would love to believe this may a kickstart to real change, but instead it just one bad man to hate and let’s ignore the structure of the sex trade.

Epstein is not rare – rather his form of grooming and exploiting for profit is common in most Western countries.

My personal story is too similar – so similar that my trauma is eating at my heart, making me sick and therefore rather knackered and cynical.

I would say it is common that many adult prostituted women enter when were underaged – maybe the majority.

To be recruited by another girl is common practice in the sex trade – sex trade profiteers love to stay hidden and find a scapegoat.

It is very likely these recruiters were owned by the profiteers, so under their, mental, physical and sexual control.

Many had been prostituted, left with trauma and still in the brainwashed state.

They are victims, not criminals.

I was recruited by girl who was 14, as I was.

She was highly damaged and had lost all empathy, as she she saw little point to life.

We were both puppets for profits.

I am sickened with memory of prostitution.

I am sickened that rich entitled men from many backgrounds are finally being seen.

Sickened at how selective the progressive media is in which rich men they will show to be punters.

Basically it is always the men we already hate, and our allies are made to disappear.

Well, I was torture and raped by many rich of all political stripes, some I would agree with, some I was indifferent to their politics and some who I thought were politically wrong.

They were all entitled and arrogant.

They all made me subhuman.

When in hell, you forget about politics.

See that all punters are paying to rape and torture, don’t be selective to fit in with your lifestyle.

Or just admit you forget the prostituted when Epstein is no longer the focus.



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