The Market

In this post, I want to speak what is provided by the sex trade to punters.

I write to confront a few lies and myths that is stated by the sex work lobby and their allies.

A major myth is that only poverty or times of economic downfall is there an increase    in forced prostitution.

Another myth is connected to that there is a difference forced prostitution/trafficking and real chosen prostitution.

The sex work lobby claims poverty is the unwanted push into prostitution.

That somehow this is a new phenomenon- in my country poverty is just the fault of the Tories.

This is nonsense, for the sex trade thrives in all economic environments.

Yes, many poor women are forced into the sex trade – but it far more complex than just lack of money.

The vast majority of females pushed into prostitution have multiple vulnerabilities.

It is rare that a poor who is stable and self-confident enters the sex trade, and more rare that in there long-term.

We need see beyond just poverty, see the full woman with all her history.

We should look for previous abuse whether in the family, close friends or acquaintances or strangers.

We should see her childhood – was she beaten? Was she neglected by those who should of been her carers? Had she been in care? Had she been sexually abused on a regular basis?

We should see with a clear eye the influences that may of made prostitution appears attractive. See a media that promotes sex as sellable, disposable and without human connection.

See all the messages of almost every societies that portrayed females as nothing but sex goods for male to owned and controlled – that to be female is not have access to true humanity in the eyes of male supremacy.

All that mould all vulnerable females into prostitution – what we should look for is not why there is prostitution – but why so females refuse this role and fight for more than being a sex object.

But back to the market that is prostitution.

The sex trade wants and preys on all vulnerable female – whatever their class, whatever their ethnicity, and what the state of economics is.

It most stated loud and clear, that the targeting of Asian females, Eastern European females, African females, Indigenous females, Black females and females who have raped as children is the largest part of this market.

The sex trade is racism in the raw – for most prostituted females who not white are placed with the most sadist punters, and most likely to disappear or be murdered.

This is females from all classes that feed the market.

I will speak to some of the demand, or how it described with sold.

There is a market to grind white rich girls into the ground.

A market to fuck women and girls in disaster areas for the money is better than charity.

A market to destroy Indigenous females as yet more colonialism.

A market to fuck women in late pregnancies.

A market for gang-raping, especially if the prostitute is under-aged and/or drugged up.

A market to do any form of torture without consequences.

This a tiny picture of what prostitution is and always has been in every economic environment.

To say it just poverty that forces women into prostitution, is a deep betrayal of the may prostituted women who enter for other vulnerabilities.

We mustn’t leave those women behind.








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