The Shootist

I have been feeling blocked and silenced recently.

This is partly coz a sex work lobbyist insisting that the source of “evils” done to the prostituted is the fault of the individual choices of the prostituted, not the violence and entitlement of the sex trade profiteers and punters.

She used a metaphor to explain why I was wrong or misguided.

Imagine you have been shot.

You (the prostituted) are not to blame for that pain of being shot. From the viewpoint of the sex work lobby, the shootist is the limited choices that have placed the prostituted into the sex trade. That is it the circumstances that are to blame, never the male entitlement and violence.

In this scenario, the sex trade profiteer and punter are the bullet, so are blameless.

I pointed out that in my opinion, that the sex trade profiteers and punters were both the bullet and the shootist.

These men are fully aware as they target and leave the prostituted with a lifetime of wounds and trauma.

These men are a poisoned bullet that cannot be erase without justice and liberty for the prostituted.

The wound is made of nightmares, body memories, lack of access to real justice, and the constant terror of being made subhuman again.

All sex trade profiteers and punters are the shootist.

All fully loaded and aimed at the prostituted, conscious of deep damage that they are causing.

There is no thing as an innocent sex trade profiteer or punter – only that majority hide behind the mask of being a legitimate businessman or the cloak of being the good guy.

But if we stick to this metaphor, these men are cold hearted assassins.

They know their greed for money, their placing of the male orgasm above humans rights, their sense of entitlement, their desire to as sadist as possible is destroying the prostituted every moment of every day.

They see the prostituted with a clear eye of the assassin – they see the underaged, they see the trafficked, they see the bruises and cuts on our bodies, they see the money being held back from the prostituted.

They see sex tourists as it is them, they see stags does as the destruction that it they are, they see they exchange of the prostituted to oil a business or political deal, they see the prostituted move from man to man, street to street, city to city, country to country.

They see the whole structure of the sex trade is designed to make all the prostituted subhuman, and made into throwaway sexual goods.

The shootist is the sex trade profiteer or punter has not barrier to torture, mental violence, using rape as a means of control, and murder – in order to keep all the prostituted down.

I write this coz I cannot understand why anyone has to pity or can justify sex trade profiteers and punters.

All that wasted sympathy for the shootist is an excuse to do nothing for the prostituted.

Instead of seeing the shootist for the entitled bastard that he is, was and always will be – the sex work lobby shifts the debate to saying – look at the individual choices of the prostituted.

Well, no sex trade profiteer or punter give a damn how or why his prostitute came to be his sexual goods – all he sees or cares about is his profit, his orgasm, his use of control and power, and his access to sadism without consequences.

Yes, we must heal the wounds of all the prostituted – but for fundamental justice we must stop that bullet reaching the prostituted by targeting the shootist instead.

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