A Letter to All my Readers

Dear Everyone

Thanks for your support and solid belief in me.

I have writing this blog since 2008, been writing and campaigning for that long.

Now, I want to reach deeper and go to the guts and blood of being prostituted.

I struggle with this, and this letter is small cry for support and some spiritual strength from my loyal readers.

I am struggling on many levels.

I am struggling with isolation, feeling all my work is screaming into the wind.

I need the connection of other exited women, I need the connection of my fellow Abolitionists.

Please write to me or speak with me.

I know this blog is powerful and bring about change, it would lovely if you can to write or message me how and why this blog may of impacted on your life.

I have heard often that this blog is used as a teaching prop, it would wonderful if I could make a record of when and why it has been used.

One thing that I always stunned by is where my readers come from, every continent and so many countries, some I had to look up. Please if you want say where from, especially if it a long way from England and Devon.

This is for my ego, and coz this work need to be seen as the power force it has become.

I am struggling financially which is stopping my ability to write.

This blog is unpaid, but you can make donations, especially if you used my words to further your work.

I find it hard that exited women who do all the ground work that fuels the Abolitionist movement are mainly living in poverty.

This needs to change, exited women should pay for their blogs, their speeches, their education of others, their constant building up of real exiting programmes, their networking that feeds your work.

If you used my work or think my work has made become an Abolitionist – think hard about making a donation, especially if you not living on the breadline.

In this struggle, I am still going to write – all I want is the knowledge that it matters.

2 responses to “A Letter to All my Readers

  1. Hi Rebecca, Your work has definitely made a difference to me. I still have a piece from your blog that i printed off several years ago called: ‘Its terrifying having courage’. I was trying to get in touch with you has your email address changed? i wanted to ask you about something – you can email me on jpluy@hotmail.com Hope you are well xx


  2. To our dearest Rebecca,
    As I said when we met very briefly (in the dinner queue at CEASE!) you have had a huge impact on the campaign to end the Leeds managed approach. Your words have reached far beyond you and have made a difference.
    Together with Jalna Hanmer, you’ve shaped the thinking of our campaign. If you are lonely move to Leeds! You will be welcomed here among the abolitionist campaign and former exited women.


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