The Rooms

I only did indoors prostitution.

The prostitution that is framed as safe, as a way to fortune, as a place of dignity for us whores.

My skin, my brain and my soul has to survive that life, with all its lies and manipulation.

I was never safe, I never was allowed space to known my own humanity.

It was hell – and indoors prostitution is still hell for millions of prostituted women and girls throughout the world.

My past is gone, but I campaign for all those inside that hell.

I want to focus on my personal memories as they are related to the normal violence of all indoors prostitution.

I write because I want to smash the illusion that any form of prostitution can be made nice.


To do indoors prostitution is to enter a room with a strange man allowed to as sadistic as he can imagined.

It is to be isolated, it is to be unprotected.

To be prostituted is not be viewed as fully human.

It is to have no legitimate voice, or have your voice stolen or silenced.

It is to have no access to safety as your mind, sexual being and body are owned and controlled by sex trade profiteers and punters.

To have no right to express NO as punters demand the right to pour pain and degradation into your every.

You have no right to stop the constant mental abuse and brainwashing that is the norm of all prostitution.

No – once it is behind closed doors – doors in hotels, doors above clubs, doors in flats, even your own door – no prostitute can stop a punters who decide to be violent.

There is no safe form of prostitution, no safe place where prostitution can be made – only the faded hope that this particular punter will choose to be less violent.


See the punter.

Stop being distracted by the sex work lobby saying the problem is stigma, or the individual choices and life stories of the prostituted.

All that is a slight of hand from seeing the root cause of all the problems for the prostituted.

That is the constant demand of punters to degrade and be sadistic to the prostituted.

To struck in the room with a punters is always to know he may kill you, he more than likely will do sexual that destroy you, and he thinks he has nothing to nobody.

That is living death of being prostituted.

If there is going be stigma, place it where belong on all those who choose to buy and sell the prostituted in the full knowledge of this destruction.


I survive indoors – I am of the lucky ones.

Like most exited, I knew too prostituted women and girls who disappeared or were killed.

I knew prostituted and exited women who committed suicide as a result of indoors prostitution.

I heard in other rooms the beatings, the rapes, the mental violence done to my prostituted Sisters.

I had very close friends who enter as adults thinking it was their free choice – only to be raped, beaten and thrown so often they lost their way back to their true selves.

My best friend and love of my life died from an OD coz punters pushed to that edge.

So, if dare say indoors prostitution is safe and dignified – then face those prostituted women.

Say that to all the prostituted women and girls in hotel rooms, rooms in flats, in their own room who are now being rape, bashed up or close to death.

There is no such as safe prostitution.




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