What a Fool Believes

There are so many myths and lies that the sex work lobby spreads.

These daily are draining all hope of real freedom for the prostituted.

I, as with many exited women, find it hard to comprehend why these poisonous lies are believed.

I will write to a few of these lies and myths, hopefully with compassion and reasoning you may see through them.

To see clearly, it is necessary to know that the prostituted are full humans – that is the start to becoming an Abolitionist.


This is a very dangerous lie, this lie is killing the prostituted every moment of every day.

To decrimalised or make legal prostitution is give free reign to violent punters, and to allow sex trade profiteers gain from providing more sadistic sexual practices.

Remember the sex trade is all about the money – and has no interest in the sexual, mental and physical welfare of the prostituted.

The prostituted are sexual goods in this environment, with no access to basis human rights such as safety, right to life, privacy, right to full consent and the the right to control their own body.

When we forms societies that legalised the sex trade, we are backing up the punters and sex trade profiteers – and betraying the prostituted to continue their hellish existence.


There can can be no safe place or form of prostitution as long men have the entitlement to buy and sell other humans for sexual greed.

If you want to know the cause and source of all the violence done to the prostituted – then look at the mainly men who demand and supply prostitution.

All the hate, violence and genocide exists because men invented the prostituted class to rape, torture, throw away, say are never fully human and murder with no consequences or sense of guilt.

There is nothing new about this hate and violence.

The minds and bodies of the prostituted has been tortured, manipulated and destroyed since the first man discover he could rape without consequences just by exchanging goods.

I do not know when prostitution was invented, but I know with every cell in my body there is nothing natural about it existing.

I became an Abolitionist because I know as old as prostitution has been – the prostituted has always resisted this hate, degradation and destruction.

Abolition is just the voicing of this resistance that will no longer be buried under the noise of the lies and myths of the sex trade supporters.


It is exhausting being an exited woman.

Anger is a fuel, but also there deep grief and a sense of alienation.

To support exited women, learn to listen and allow us to teach on trauma, on grooming, on how anger should be targeted, on knowing what justice may look like, on seeing with a clear eye men and their violence.

To support exited women is to learn to be humble in the flame of our fury, humble as we speak to truths you have named as unspeakable, humble as we reach back and forward to the centuries of our suffering.

To support exited women is to understand that trauma can lessened but will still be a shadow in our lives, to understand the depth of our grief is not just as an individual but for each and every – past, present and in the future – prostituted who in hell.

To do Abolition as a reality we must place the Exited as leaders – we must dig for their wisdom, hear their anger, fight for their ideas of justice, and be clear that no human can never have the right to buy and sell the prostituted for sexual greed.



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