Names Calling

To be prostituted is to name-called.

It just words, words that poisons the will to live.

Now, words of hurt and death are said to be empowering, and somehow feminist


See that goddess power, see the joy of being holes for men to consume and trashed.

Call me a whore, you on the Left, you liberal feminists, you queer warriors – I fucking dare you.

You can hide the realities of our tortures, our deaths, our lack of basic human rights and our genocide behind your fantasy of the Whore.


Unless you mean I don’t do housework, then don’t call me salut.

Fuck your Slutwalk, fuck your Slut Power.

Stop making the suffering and power of the prostituted invisible.

You say being a Slut or sex worker is empowering, is liberating.


Your words makes punters disappear, you make punters all good and decent.

The male violence is the fundamental problem not stigma or your name-calling.


Let’s be braver, and start name-calling punters.

Say – serial rapists, torturers, scum, murderers, calllous bastards, criminals, genocide makers, and names that every prostituted woman thinks but say in silence.

We need stigma planted on each and every punter.

Stigma every time they pay to abuse another human.

Stigma every time they use the net to buy sex.

Stigma each time they watch porn.

Stigma as they travel to buy sex.

Stigma as they torture the prostituted.

Stigma for every punters as he feels entitled.

Hell, then name-calling is justified.



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