You Are No Hero

Let’s see punters in the clear eye of an eagle.

Punters are no heroes, they are never noble, never unselfish, never able to see beyond their own greed and hate.

To be an Abolitionist, a major step is to see these bastards as they are not as they want to be seen.

First and foremost all punters are sadists and rapists – there is no such thing as the good punter.

But most punters are liars – to others as well as lying to themselves.

One of their major lies is the illusion that they don’t want to harm the prostituted.

This is pure bullshit, for every man who make the choice to consume the prostituted knows deep in his heart, he is making the prostituted into subhuman sexual goods for his porn dreams.

No man accidentally consumes the prostituted, no man accidentally forces his sexual acts into the prostituted, no man accidentally makes the prostituted lose all her human rights and dignity.

To be a punter is a conscious choice.

The choice to make another human into your sexual slave.

The choice to pour any and all porn fantasies into a living person with no consequences.

The choice to torture, rape, murder and throw the prostituted all for your orgasm.

Let’s stop pretending that punters can ever be seen as victims, or sad loners.

All men can make the choice never to be punters, to grow up and view women as equal and worthy of basic human rights.

That would a good start.

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