Breaking In

To be prostituted is constantly to be broken down and broken in.

To be prostituted is lose humanity and be made sexual goods.

This breaking of the soul is essence of who and what the sex trade is.

This breaking of all the prostituted is why I am an radical exited prostituted woman.

I want abolition of all the sex trade and their allies, I cannot compromise knowing my prostituted are being broken minute by minute.

I was introduced into the world of the sex trade by a continual line of punters raping me for six hours.

I was 14.

This was one punter after another.

This was gang-raping as others watch, and were even filming.

This was every hole in body conquer, left bleeding out and leaving a silence in the room.

This was a beginning of a trauma that now shadow me still.

That was my introduction, and for millions of the prostituted everywhere that is a tiny example of how the sex trade produces sexual goods.

For to be the ideal prostitute, it is vital to have no safety, have no rights, and no access to support or help.

To break down the prostitute is to make her isolated, and that she forgets she is human enough for anyone to care if she lives or dies.

All that matters to the sex trade, is that the prostitute is consumed by endless punters with sadist fantasies – hell, that where the real profit is.

That is the reality of prostitution, not the pipe dream that the sex work lobby feed you.


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