There is a constant stubborn silencing of the multiple voices of exited prostituted women. This is not new, this is not in one country or culture – this a an ancient world-wide tactic of the sex trade and its allies.

From the moment that the sex trade found it could make females into sex objects, they have made sure the voices of the enslaved is silenced.

Recently in Spain, women have written to me of how the sex trade lobby is refuses exited prostituted women to speak out.

This is a small example of their desire to control the so-called debate round the conditions of prositution and how society can speak to it.

The language of the sex trade/work lobby is a silencing of those conditions, a silencing of responsibilities of punters, silencing of male violence to the prostituted, silencing of embedded classism and racism of prostitution, a silencing of all wisdoms of the prostituted class.

The screams, the whisperings, the knowledge of the prostituted is frozen in this silencing.

This silencing have been there since the first caveman exchange goods to rape a cavewomen.

This silencing is in the streets of Delhi, the brothels in Nevada, the escorts firms of all computers – the silencing of the prostituted is everywhere but made out to be nowhere.

Instead the sex trade/work lobby speak loudly for punters and sex trade profiteers, ignoring those they claim to stand for and with.

Nothing said by this lobby does anything to help the prostituted class, rather it keeps them enslaved, with no rights, in horrific conditions and constant threat/reality of all forms of violence.

The sex trade/work lobby is the authentic voices of those who would profit from the expansion of all forms of prostitution, and it is also the voice that all punters want to hide behind.

I have had enough of their control, their arrogance and their callous disregard to the basic human rights of the prostituted.

I want the 21st century to be the century of the liberation of all the prostituted.

This must lead by the multiple voices of exited women if this freedom is to be solid.


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