Mr Big Stuff

As I listen to Christmas Soul, Mr Big Stuff comes back on, and I think of my Christmases as a prostituted woman, think of the arrogance of punters buying any prostituted woman in these holidays.

Most punters who consume over the Christmas period are rich, are in family units, and want to pour violence into the prostituted.

Yes, these punters are scum, and traitors to their families.

When inside prostitution, Christmas can mean nothing – it is the main reason I have reinvented Christmas for myself and make a happy in the presence time.

In prostitution, the punter demand can grow, and often it be a throwing away of their money for access to no consequences torturing and raping.

I know these men hide their violence, thinking it is nothing of importance for it only to the prostituted, who are never seen as humans with basic rights.

In a true Christmas spirit, we must hold in our hearts what is happening to the prostituted.

See the torture reframe as consensus sex.

See the rapes made invisible by the exchange of money or goods.

See the hate that fuels each and every man who makes the choice to consume the prostituted.

See the sex industry and its minions named sex work lobby, that only speaks for more profits, punters and keeping the unsafe status quo of prostitution – having no interest in the welfare and rights of any of the prostituted.

See it in your neighbourhood, see it is a global emergency.

This Christmas imagine a worl with no prostitution.

A world with generations of men and women unable to understand why we thought buying and selling of humans for male orgasms was seen as a good idea.

A world where slowly we see all women as fully formed human, not sexual goods.

A world where porn is throw into a deep pit, as we learn how wonderful fully consensual and equal sex can be.

This Christmas, I hope more people join me in fighting for abolition, that is my wish.


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