I moved to Devon last October, and my work went into a hiatus. I hope that soon, post-Christmas, I will get back into work.

I needed to stop, to slow down for my mental welfare was shattered.

Being in a small town has changed me in so many positive ways, and I want my loyal followers to know some of those changes.

I am calmer, happier and finally believe that I have a real home.

Being close to my sister is wonderful, of course we have sisterly grumpy times, and need our own space – but to get back my sister is the best thing in my life.

I love being an aunt to adult nephews and nieces, it such an honour to be part of their growing into brilliant people.

I have been able to renew friendship with other relations, and find that I am a family person, just not with my mother – and that is fine.

I was getting mentally disturbed in Manchester, coz I was isolated and could switch off from prostitution issues and my grief round that.

My move to Tavistock has ease my mind to think in many different directions.

Nature, landscape and the quiet life is the norm in Tavistock.

I can see the edges of the moors from my flat, can see a woods ful of crow’s nests, see amazing sunsets.

Tavistock is very traditional, with seasonal food, a pannier market, many local shops.

It is very old-fashioned about Christmas, which makes so happy.

The lights are simple and elegant, there is a Dickens night, and lots of community plays.

I have learn to go walking, especially canal and river walks. I go into town to relax every day, maybe not Saturdays and Sundays.

I am becoming a country type, a Devonian – there are loads of eccentric folks here.

Finally, in Tavistock they are able to offer help long-term round mental health, I have a befriender who is non-judgemental and I really like.

I hope to get to be back campaigning soon, I am getting there.

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