Never Be Safe Enough

I thought I would write about how prostitution can never be made safe or even safe enough to be framed as a job. Instead the conditions of prostitution is the definition of slavery or trafficking.

The sex work lobby will endlessly claimed that only some tinkering will transform the sex trade into a caring employer- who will have deep concern for the physical, sexual and mental welfare of all the prostituted.

This is a horrific lie, which is recruite and brainwash the vulnerable into the sex trade.

It is a lie for the purpose of prostitution is turn the vulnerable, mainly females, into subhuman sexual goods.

That is to break down the woman physically, mentally and sexually by violence, by hate and by degradation.

In that environment there can never be a safe form of prostitution, or a safe place to be prostituted.

See what prostitution is. See it through the eyes of punters. See what is demanded from those punters.

Punters are not demanding sex – they are demanding the right to fully control and dominate the prostituted.

In their porn-fuelled minds, it become their right to rape, torture or kill the prostituted- for it not a human that is harmed, just goods that he is consuming.

How in that environment can prostitution ever be made safe.

It is not laws that makes prostitution unsafe. It is the mythical stigma that makes the prostituted unsafe – it is the entitlement of the punters that are danger.

There is nothing abstract about the violence and hate that these punters do – see that pain, terror and cutting away of humanity in every prostituted woman that has been invaded by their poison.

The serial rapes of the prostituted is real.

We know rape is horrific, may be worse than murder, for death could be a release.

We comfort or fight for justice when a woman is raped once – but when a prostituted woman is raped beyond remembrance that she can remain human. Raped by punters in the thousands, raped till she all as one face – raped till she loses connection to her own body.

The prostituted woman is raped so many times and with such sickening violence, that it is made to unspeakable – being unspoken it is unrecorded and unreported, making punter violence invisible.

It is normal for the prostituted to be used to living with torture.

Usually this torture is extreme, everything from gang raping to waterboarding. Every form of torture is placed into the minds and bodies of the prostituted.

The prostituted have all form of torturing rehearsed into their bodies, we have known all evils that porn said can be done to women – it is embedded in every cell of the prostituted.

Lastly, the violence ends with high levels of deaths of the prostituted. These are deaths through suicide, through ill health or through being murdered by punters.

The murders are made nothing, as they are rarely recorded or reported.

The prostituted are made to disappear with no written evidence that they ever existed.

Our deaths have importance – just trash to be tossed away.

So how can prostitution ever be safe.

Wake up, and stop this violence and hate.

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