A Room with Dead Money

This is written for anyone who imagine that prostitution is not rape.

That the exchange of money or goods equates with consent.

I will write to ordinary conditions of indoors prostitution, as I write to street prostitution for that was not my experiences. But know all prostitution is surrounded by male violence.

All prostitution can turn quickly into rape – think would sleep with that man If was not being paid, and would he not feel so entitled if he considered the prostitute to be fully human.

Rape is just the tip of huge iceberg of male violence that forms prostitution – in reality, rape is too light a word for the constant mental/physical/sexual torturing that is definition of prostitution.

I can speak to my personal experiences, and speak beside my prostituted sister’s who told me of tortures in their bones.

Please read, and try to make excuses for the institution of the sex trade.

To be raped – in the legal sense of penetration of the vagina/anus/mouth – is the norm is all prostitution.

After all, most whores are considered to three holes and two hands – with no sense that she is a full human, just a fuck-tool for punters to consume and sex trade profiteers to milk for money.

Often penetration is a small relief, for it may prevent worse humiliation and violence, but sometimes with the richer punters in indoors prostitution they just go on longer with no interference.

It is then the porn violence begins, it is then that the prostitute forgets hopes and deadens all human emotions.

Every torture seed on political prisoners is rehearse on the prostituted.

I have been waterboarded in baths and toilets with the added bonus of anus rapes.

I have pulled at in my vagina, anally raped up against a wall with legs tight together.

Been beaten till unconscious, been raped so painfully I lose how to breathe.

I have been gang-raped till I forget that I exist.

Every cell of my body knows rape and torture – that was my gift from the sex trade.

I am just an example of what it is to be prostituted – there nothing unique about that amount of violence, it is the norm of all prostitution.

So say loud and that prostitution is rape and should be top of the Me Too agenda.


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