In the Wilderness

How can words fit trauma? How does language speak to surviving prostitution?

I have written and spoken word for over a decade, and still the granite scream that is  that life is speakless in my stomach.

I cannot know peace without justice, not the smallness of individual – but the justice for all the prostituted class.

Trauma will never move if there is no justice – that is understood by the tortured, the racially oppressed, the enslaved.

The prostituted demand justice – but our voices constantly seemed to be sent to the wilderness.

Our voices are silenced, patronised and put on the back burner – all coz it has been decided we are not oppressed but empowered.

The prostituted are not seen just imagined.

There is rarely a space for the prostituted to be seen as fully human.

We are seen as the Happy Whore, seen as the eternal victim, seem as the liberated feminist, seen as lost trafficked female, seen as good or bad – but never seen as a fully complex human being.

Often, our allies view us as sub-human, keeping us as the endless victim.

This often means we cannot speak politics, just be pigeonholes as individual sad stories.

Our fury, our ability to see the causes of male violence and hate, our insights into trauma, our sense of connections in time/cultures and coping mechanisms for all the prostituted- all this is dismissed.

We are the experts of discovering ways to destroyed the sex trade – but all that is tossed into the wilderness.

I despair at this lack of respect, for exited women have deep wisdoms that could help  build a better world for women and men.

We are prophets trying to get out of the wilderness.



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