Big Plan

I have wanted to have a conference that highlights the multiple voices of exited women from all aspects of the sex trade for several years now.

I see this as something that can and will be made real, especially would if based outside a capital city, in say Bristol for instance.

To make this real, I am sending this post to women who are leaders as exited folks, or women who have strong Abolitionist ideas.

This is a long-term and ambition plan, which cannot be done alone but in a team, especially as international views would be essential.

I am tired of exited women being used as token speakers, tired of our expertises being seen as secondary, tired of the waste of great speakers and writers.

I do not believe there can real change until all exited women’s voices are the backbone of the Abolitionist movement.

We have deep understandings of the causes and justifications of male violence and hatred of women.

We speak to the realities of all forms of prostitution – our voices speak to the truth that there can no such as a safe place for prostitution – for there is no safety when men are entitled to buy and sell the prostituted as a class.

We speak of conditions in all prostitution that is the definition of trafficking and often slavery.

We expose the lies and propaganda of the sex work lobby.

That is just a small part of my ambitions for a conference.

I am writing this post to request help and support to push this forward.

I would love women to help raise ideas about who to invite and how to raise money to pay them.

I need help in thinking of what should discuss, especially if links with other countries.

I need help in how find a site for the conference, and raising funds for the conference.

I need help in reaching out to as many women as possible.

Please contact me privately either here or no Twitter, and I give ways to be in touch.



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