Harder They Fall

Revenge is sweet is said – for the prostituted revenge is in the far distance, but in this post I write to a route there.

Revenge is inside every word I speak or write in my work.

I see punters and sex trade profiteers. I see the sex work lobby. I see so-called anti-trafficking groups exploiting the prostituted. I see liberal feminists. I see the brothers  of the Left. I see and know all excuses made for the continence of the sex trade.

All that is in the line of my sweet revenge.

I line up any and everyone who refuses to name prostitution as violence and of itself. There can be no excuses made, just a fight to end all prostitution at its root.

I see those who refuse to know that all prostitution is rape and the conditions of sexual slavery.

Those who say it is a service, those who say money equals to consent, those who name it as sex work, those whose imagined prostitution is an empowered choice.

I see you and name you as traitors to the prostituted.

Know as you speak to your porn fantasy – that punters and sex trade profiteers are killing, raping, mentally abusing and killing the semblance of humanity in millions of the prostituted.

There is no such thing as a safe way to be prostituted, there is no access to free and empowered choice in the world of prostitution – there only moments of less pain, confusion and terror.

To be prostituted is to kill all memories of hope and sense of Self.

How can that be classed as a free choice?

So, I now choose to be an Abolitionist.

I fight not for my past, that cannot be change, but Hell is can become a learning push for radical change.

I use my past to be a witness to a small aspect of the sex trade, using my past as example of the common grinding down of the Self that is the keystone to the sex trade.

I write from a place of fury, this comes from deep grief, but mostly from a space of fighting for justice for every prostitute from the beginning of time to now.

Justice is not harm reduction, justice is not decriminalisation, justice is hiding prostitution behind closed doors.

Justice is destroying all the sex trade root and branch, justice is making every punter know he is a criminal, justice is having exiting programmes that are long-term and holistic, justice is a world where prostitution is unimaginable.

That is why I say the Nordic Nordic is the first step to true justice and freedom for the prostituted.

The route to justice must be built on the words and truths of those of us who have survived and exited the sex trade.

Our truths are varied -but all will destroyed the sex trade at it roots.

We speak to the planned and organised violence that is prostitution, we speak to how ordinary punters are, we speak to the high rates of disappearances and deaths in the whole of the sex trade, we speak to how porn and torture is rehearsed inside all the prostituted before going into the “real world”.

The exited hold the atomic bomb that will destroy all excuses, all the lies, all the propaganda that hold up the sex trade.

Listen to the Exited and then you truly are in the revolution that is what abolition is.

Vida la Revolution.


3 responses to “Harder They Fall

  1. It would impossible to report the men for I block out who they were. They were nameless and faceless. To survive prostitution is disassociate. Also there too many of them.


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