Sex Workers, You are So Boring

Yet again, I have had the sex lobby bombarding me with their tissues of lies and propaganda.

I let them do for a couple of days, then mute or block them – for the predictable and very repeative.

They are so boring – but in some ways would good fodder for a stand up comedienne.

I will write to often repeated tropes. I may comment, trying hard not to be not too cynical or edging on the bitter.

That is hard when they throw away the lives and dignity of prostituted in order to protect punters and sex trade profiteers.

All the tropes that I write are common, and written to exited women who fight for abolition all the time, and in many countries. There is nothing special about it, it is not rare.

I know my exited Sisters in USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, Thailand, Japan, South Africa and many other countries get the same lies and propaganda.

It is a vicious tool of silencing – especially as they know the sex trade and its punters pour trauma into all the prostituted.

The sex work lobby knows, and uses, that exited women have complex long-term trauma. They just don’t give a damn – for they view the prostituted as goods not full humans; therefore all exited women are to them is goods that can no be controlled.


This is foundation of all the propaganda of the sex work lobby.

This is used to make male violence invisible, by focusing on the individual choices of the prostituted – and refusing to see the punters and sex trade profiteers.

It turns the reality of the sex trade upside-down, and imagine the prostituted woman is in control and with luck, will be in a position of power.

Whilst, the norm is that the punter is always in control, with full entitlement to be violent, to reinforce his porn-dreams on her living body.

He is buying goods, he has no interest in her humanity or safety..

The sex trade profiteers from providing access to sadist sex on demand, where a minority of punters may choose to be less violent.

But the real profits are made by making the prostituted into sexual goods, by making the violence so common they lose hope and forget about being fully human.


This fake compassion is only said to indicate that exited are unreliable, too emotional, too mentally ill to know the truth as sex workers see it.

This is used to implied we only see things as violent coz we are damaged, and cannot see “the truth” that most sex workers are safe, have friendly loyal clients and in full control.


Sex work is framed as indoors prostitution, mainly done by independent escorts or girlfriend experience.

It is protrayed as empowering, safe and easy to leave.

All that is rubbish.

I did all that types of prostitution, as well as listening to or campaigning with many women who survived indoors prostitution.

We all speak to the violence, the degradation, the stripping of our humanity of indoors prostitution.

How is it possible that indoors prostitution can be made safe?

Think what indoors prostitution is – it is mostly to shut in a room where a punter who is entitled to as violent as he wants.

OK, some punters may choose to be “gentle”, but that can never be known by the prostituted woman – it just the toss of a coin whether she is safe or not.

If a punter makes the choice to be violent, there will little or no protection, for money comes before her welfare.

Indoors prostitution is a trap – sometimes a gilded cage, but always hope and dignity is slowly stolen from the prostituted.


The sex work lobby loves to protect punters, and paint a picture that it just bad luck if the rare punter is violent.

He is a beast, a rapist, a monster – not an ordinary guy like most punters.

Hell, the violent punters is the norm, he is very ordinary – we just choose to make him invisible.

To see the common violence done to the prostituted would means confronting the entitlement of those men, and would lead to tearing down the sex trade at its roots.

So it is predictable that the sex trade lobby would protect punters by all means.


Hell no, brothels are never safe or where women can have free choice.

Brothels are the factory farms of prostitution – all the romantic views in novels, films and music can prettify that.

Brothels are use to mass produce sex on demand, with human rights stripped from the prostituted women.


Yet again, we are too mentally damaged to be worth listening to.

Our words and truths are dismissed, in fear and anger by the sex work lobby.

The sex work lobby pretend to care about the prostituted – but constantly attacks, ridicule and paint exited women are mentally ill.

This is heartless and calculated.

By saying exited women are too mentally damaged to understand the realities of the sex trade – the sex work lobby will assume we be silenced or unable to fight back.

Hell, of course it hurts – but that pain only makes us more determined and stronger.


I will end here.





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