No girl is born to be a prostitute, it never her dream. All the prostituted are groomed to forget their dreams.

Groomed by the media, groomed by advertising, groomed as an exit to family damage, groomed by hope, groomed by financial gains – but mostly groomed by a society that romansises and support the normalisation of the sex trade

Grooming is highly complicated, and designs to be invisible.

I was groomed, groomed I could not know that I had rights, groomed till I forgot hope existed, groomed until I lost that I was a human.

Grooming is evil – it is in all cultures, thoughout every century where prostitution existed.

Grooming is everywhere, but thrives but pretending it always outside your particular society.

The groomers are protrayed as the Other – the immigrant, the pimp, the crime lord, the corrupt policeman, the kidnapper.

Groomers are Everyman – your neighbour, your close relative, your boyfriend, your work colleague, from your political or religious society, inside your leisure activities.

There no community of males, and some women, who cannot become groomers.

I was groomed by both white and black men – saw profit before by my welfare.

There no groups of men that is innocent of making vulnerable females into sexual goods  – after it a highly effective way to make large profits with low expectation of punishment or consequences.

Groomers are criminals, but most societies let them go unpunished.

As if grooming was somehow harmless – as long as punters have access to organisms on demand, with full permission to be as sadist as they want – grooming will remain common but purposely unseen.

Well, see grooming and see the seriousness of violence that grooming is.

I will use my personal routes into prostitution as an example of commmon routes into prostitution.

I came from a family background of  mental and sexual abuse.

Incest is a common start of knowing your body is nothing but holes and hands.

Incest teaches a girl to know she is worthless – only seen through men’ eyes as fuckable goods, then can be thrown away.

This is the conditions of the prostituted woman – incest is one of the foundation stones of  prostitution.

I, like so abused young teenager, became a hater of all adults, becoming a runaway, thinking I was hard, imaging my self- hate was rebellion.

As I try to discover myself, I became more and more lost – slowly losing my sense of being human.

I was so vulnerable as I though I thought I too hard for any male to pour more damage  into my body and mind.

I as a streetwise kid was easy prey to groomers.

When see teenagers acting hard, look deeper, many are hurting, vulnerable to so many dangers, easy prey.

Don’t turn away, those hurting teenagers could be groomed into the hell of serial rapes, constant mental and physical breaking down that is the sex trade.

Please comment on this post, coz the pain is blocking me..





4 responses to “Groomed

  1. Rebecca, I’m so sorry you are still suffering so badly. Know that women all over the world genuinely care. I’m sending love from British Columbia, Canada. I don’t know how to ease your pain, but please know that you are a valuable human who is helping so many other people with your insights into sexual abuse and prostitution. You are far more than your bod,and those men who viewed you and all of us women as holes and hands are WRONG. We are SO much more than that. Please remember that. Maybe a post about the qualities that make you and all other women human beings worth dignity and respect would be healing? We have more humanity than those men could ever have. If anyone is less human, it is THEM! I wish I could give you a hug. Again, sending lots of love!!!

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  2. I too have observed the prevalence and downplaying of grooming as “normal“. Advertisers use it, politicians use it, perverted men use it- to disguise their perversion and deception.

    Your pain is real as mine. The pain of existence when one can see the truth. It is not you but those evil men who ought to suffer. They should be punished by eternal hell- they know no shame, bounds or morals.


  3. I am so sorry for your pain. My Aunt – my Dad’s sister – was sexually abused by my grandfather, and my Dad witnessed it. I found out about it in my 20s, and it was heart-breaking, but so much of my Aunt’s life made sense. Why she was in an abusive relationship for so long, etc. The way in which the modern,liberal feminist movement refuses to acknowledge the link between grooming – i.e. sexual abuse – and the prostituted is shameful, and will be the death of true feminism.


  4. Such a great post, thank you. We have allowed the depraved among us to morally shame us for so long, while they hold themselves to no moral standard at all. You are so right, no girl wants this. All deserve to be treated with the dignity they were made for. “Bad” girls get groomed by predatory liars and then called sluts. Then “good” girls get warned, don’t be sluts! But it is all a ruse by the predators, just to cover their crimes and justify their behavior. I believe you. And because of you I believe in your cause, to eradicate prostitution.

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