My mind is melting, without thoughts, scared of my fragmented memories, and numbed by not knowing how to write words that fit my reality.

I listen to music and try to write, but the volume is too quiet to block out my deadness.

I write into a void, yes I know my loyal readers follow each blog – but what are you actually doing to destroy the sex trade.

My despair screams you may be doing as little as possible, or turning to other strugggles or oppressions that may be more clean in ending.

I cannot write, scream, cry out or give speeches enough to say – we must work longer, harder and deeper to end the sex trade.

This is an emergency – only it has been an emergency for over 3000 years, an emergency in every country, every culture.

Prostitution is the oldest oppression.

It is the conditions of slavery.

It is capitalism in the raw.

It is the clear definition of patriarchy.

Everything the Left and feminism claims to oppose is the foundations of the sex trade.

But daily the Left and too many feminists refuse to see the prostituted as fully human and deserving of their fight and care.

Instead, the Left and some feminists turn the world of the sex trade upside-down.

Instead of seeing the oppression, they claim prostitution is a free choice, a job and even a form of liberation for females.

Instead of seeing as capitalism in the raw, it is claimed the being prostituted is to be a sexual outlaw, to be sexually revolutionary, to be free.

The Left and some feminism refuse to know the racism, oppression of indigenous peoples, exploitation of girls from all backgrounds that is foundations of all prostitution.

The Left and some feminists change the rules of male violence against females.

It is not serious rape when the prostituted are raped not by one man but usually by hundreds or even thousands of punters.

The common murders and disappearances of the prostituted are made unimportant – not recorded or remembered.

It is ok for a prostitute to be placed in danger in a closed space with a strange man who is entitled to be as violent as he desired.

All this framed as freely chosen, liberating or a route to inner strength.

Would that be said of domestic violence, acquaintance rape or incest?

Hell no, especially not by liberal feminist or most of the Left.

So why do is it ok to abandoned the prostituted to violence and male hate.

Are the prostituted just there to feed into porn-fuelled violence, so you live in relative safety.

The Left and feminism will always fail if it makes the choice to turn it back on the prostituted.

The prostituted are the true revoluntaries, and to refuse to hear our voices is to never end oppression.

The sex trade feeds on racism, vulnerabilities of being female, vulnerabilities of being young, feeds on poverty, and being caught inside crises of all forms.

Females will never know freedom, true safety and equality as long as the sex trade exists.

As long one woman is prostituted, all women will be oppressed.

But still we are abandoned.

I have screaming this message for nearly 15 years, and still my despair is a pain and a hole in my heart.

Do more, do more, do more.

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