Enough Already

So, it is still believed that prostitution will always be with us.

Like murder, child rape, war, poverty and ignorance – there’s little or nothing can be done to end it.

So exited women and Abolitionists should just shut up and die.

But I with so many are still here – yelling and screaming for real change, for justice for all the prostituted, for serious punishment for punters and sex trade profiteers, and for an end to the sex trade in all its forms.

Humans do end what had appear to be impossible, look to South Africa, see the end of some slavery, see peace in Northern Ireland.

Humans do change social norms – we sent children down mines, we used to make abortion illegal.

But for some reason, it has been decided that prostitution is always with us.

In order to maintain that social norm, we must never speak to the conditions of the prostituted, we must never confront what punters actually do or want, we must make the sex trade profiteers invisible.

In other words, we must pretend prostitution is cosy and like a Carry On film.

Well, I speak to these disillusions – words are my weapons.

I speak of the sex trade profiteers being made invisible by how ordinary they are.

They are your neighbours, your relatives – from your community and living lives that you do.

These mainly men are not monsters or cartoon villains – they are just folks who place money above compassion, empathy or desire to see others as fully human.

There are many who owned brothels, sex clubs, run online escorting, and so many other forms of prostitution – who are considered decent folks.

We refuse to see their hate and total contempt for the prostituted.

We do enter the spaces where they control body and soul the prostituted – to see the controlling mental abuse, see the constant threat or reality of physical violence, see the slow breaking down of the prostituted into sub-human sexual goods.

We turn away and imagine it only cartoon pimps out in others places that do such things.

Our prostitution is fun – so don’t mention it may be controlled and extremely dangerous.

We must not see punters for what they are.

We must not see that these men are paying to rape, to torture, to mentally abuse the prostituted.

We must not see they view all the prostituted as goods, never as fully human.

Punters pay to do acts they know are criminal – knowing it will excused or made to vanished.

Punters have no shame, no sense of empathy, so concept that they are violent criminals.

Most punters considered themselves to be normal decent guys – with jobs, normal relationships, and a place in the world.

What they do to the prostituted is private and part of their porn-fuelled fantasy world.

It is not real, so what is the problem?

So the reality of the raped, tortured and destroyed bodies of the prostituted is closed away, and our society runs along as normal.

Well sorry, as an exited woman and an Abolitionist, I refuse to look away. I see the conditions in my skin.

To survive prostitution is always know what torture is, to know endless raping, to know what be made sub-human is.

That will never be forgotten, it is too deep in the skin and mind of all those who survived prostitution.

Words cannot hold our pain, grief and fury as society claims it was nothing.

To be exited is hold a flame for justice for every single prostituted person.

This justice is more than harm reduction, more than small changes in laws – justice is a total destruction of the sex trade, a re-education for all men to view women as fully human, and a real future for the prostituted.

We are a long way from full justice, though the Nordic Approach is a bloody good start.

But still the prostituted are made sub-human – still our rapes, our torturing is no issues, still our murders and disappearances are made no matter.

What other “job” is it normal to be murdered, to be serially raped, to work with no regard to safety.

There is nothing normal about being prostituted – you just decide to shut down compassion and refuse to know our suffering.

Enough is enough.

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