To all Punters

This is an imagined statement of fury to each and every man who make the choice to  consume the trade.

Know in every cell of your mind and body – that we the prostituted hate you.

You are no saviour, no hero, no purveyor of romance, no stud.

You are a rapist, a torturer and a gaslighter.

Basicially you are a criminal, and should be beside bars.

Yes, the prostituted fake smiles, fake friendship, fake orgasms, fake not feeling pain or fear.

Yes, we listen to your boring excuses – my girlfriend/wife won’t do this, this is my first time, I not really a bad man, just here with my mates, and endless lies.

We have all your hate and anger poured into us, and then we are throw away.

Our bodies are a map of every torture, ways to rape that man can imagine.

Our minds carry your words of humiliation and hate, carry the memory of being sub-human, carry every porn-fuelled sex act.

That is our legacy.

Can you be surprised that we hate you.

But our hate is not negative, it a fire that leads to revolution and destruction of your entitlement.

Every time you torture any one of the prostituted, every time you think money equals to consent, every time you say it chosen sex work.

Every time you ask for the younger there is, every you go to your computer and expect an escort like takeaway pizza, every you like that we do speak your language as it makes more pliable.

Every time you think it ok to fuck poor girls or women abroad, every time you cruise red lights distinct, every you do a stag do by consuming the sex trade.

Each time you do any of that, the prostituted are watching you, and fuel is added to our fire.

We do judge you, we do say it morally wrong, we do want you to be punish.

But more, we know your actions are violation of human rights.

We know who you are, and that should terrify you.

Our strength is growing – we refuse to be control or owned any more.

The silent screaming of the whore becomes a yell of war with exited prostituted women.

We know you are cowards – like all torturers and bullies, your power is built on straw.

You may think you hold that power, but the prostituted see is slipping away from you.

As our words and truths are believed and spread out, you are seen as pathetic and a loser.

Of course, when bullies are cornered they used extreme violence and speak self-justifying lies – that is predictable.

The fact is porn and consumption of the prostituted is feeling cornered, so it trys to elimination the witnesses of their hate and violence.

This can literal such as murder, allowing the conditions to lead to suicide.

But mostly it the constant silencing and mental torturing of the prostituted class, until we have no language to speak our realities.

So punters, your entitlement days are numbered.

We have you in our sights.


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