Protest Hard

We need to keep our focus on destroying the sex trade.

This is hard, this is a long road – but if we turn away or considered other things more  important – we let punters, sex trade profiteers and their allies win.

I will focus on how those who support discrimination of the sex trade are gaining from our silence and lack of action.

I may speak to some ways that I am scared that our allies are distracted or too exhausted to be anti-sex trade.

I may look to the past into the future to say ways to bring back the fire needed to end the sex trade.

Or this may be scream into a vacuum.

In England, one of the worst sex trade supporter is a group known as English Collective of Prostitutes – or as known as English Collective of Pimps.

This as in most if not all sex workers organisations does little or nothing for the dignity, human rights or safety of the prostituted.

Instead they increase the entitlement of punters, and support the profiteering of the sex trade.

ECP use most of their energy not in the welfare of the prostituted, but in spreading the propaganda of sex work language in institutions of power.

They have MPs in their sights, they infiltered universities by bombarding students with their propaganda, they target academics, they are first to the press.

We need to be as focused, we need not to afraid to speak our truths to power.

We must speak louder and more long term to politicians, we need academics who are anti-sex trade to be braver, we need to show students we have an alternative voice, we need to shout to the press.

To go forward, the multiple of exited prostituted women must be the centre and guide to Abolitionist movement.

Our voices are too often sidelined or made into a story.

Without our voices the movement will be stagnant.

The sex trade and its allies fear the voices of the exited – they fear that they cannot control us, they fear that our truths will be heard and make real change, they fear their loss of power.

When it is heard that prostitution is torture, that paid sex is rape – that all prostitution is a destruction of basic human rights for the prostituted class – that cannot be unheard.

Our words  are an earthquake that can and will destroy the lies, greed and craving for power of the sex trade and its allies.

We are the trumpets that will bring down their walls.

To do so we need Abolitionists and their allies to stay focus.

We need to see the connections the Trans prostesters with the sex work lobby, see how often they are intertwined.

Know the sex work lobby love to see when Abolitionists and radical feminists disconnect the trans lobby from anti-sex trade.

The aim of the sex work lobby is keep prostitution disconnected from child sexual exploitation, disconnected from trafficking, disconnected from mental health issues, disconnected from incest, disconnected from racism – well so disconnected from all forms of female oppression that it just left with the Happy Hooker story.

We must constantly show these connections, and not be afraid to to speak to pain, grief and anger.

I write this coz I see the sex work lobby creeping into a position of power, and I have had enough of being polite about it.

We no longer smashed up sex shops, or try to close down sites on the net that graded the prostituted – we just let them carry on making a profit out the blood of the prostituted.

We stay relatively silent as academics paid by the sex trade spread their propaganda not just in papers, but to the media and in conferences.

We hardly ever kick up a fuss as the media in all its forms, will write “sex work” even when it is clearly a violation of human rights.

And when has there been a march which just about the abolition of the sex trade.

I am tired – but more I am furious that I have to write this post.

Prove that you are as angry as me, and do more to destroy the sex trade.

This is an emergency, only as it about 3000 years old and effects the whole planet – it has become the invisible emergency.



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