Into a Void

I wish I could write to the silence and silencing of exited prostituted women, but words have little meaning for our pain and grief.

The silencing is everywhere, from all sectors of society – this silencing numbs exited women into silence.

This is not a silence of compliance – it is the stubborn silence of rebellion.

This is not the silence of the ignorance – it is the silence of knowing too much to find words.

This is is not the silence of agreement – it is the silence of buried fury at your refusal to hear.

I have been a speaker, I write thousands of words to build a route to real change – but most of the time, these these words fall into the well of silencing.

I refuse to fit the stereotype of the exited woman to be heard.

I will not stay struck in the victim role.

I do not speak a sob-story, so you can lessen our lives by placing it into an individual horror tale.

I will connect my abuse back to Roman times and forward till the dream of days where prostitution does not exist.

I will call out all forms of prostitution as torture and rape.

I do not separate out cse, trafficking, or so-called forced prostitution from “chosen” prostitution – it all the same to a punter, so what the point of pretending they are separate.

I do call out every man who make choice to be a punter as a violent criminal and woman-hater.

I will connect porn to prostitution – knowing in the sex trade, prostituted are forced into porn as cheap labour, knowing all punters are driven by porn dreams as they torture the prostituted.

I will never think there is one way to enter to the sex trade, that only certain women or girls can be prostituted. Instead, think to each and every stereotype you know that is your prostituted woman or girl – now, think the opposite, know both are true.

There is no type or one form of push that makes a prostitute – not whilst the sex trade feeds on cash, there will always a market for whatever porn demands that punters could want.

To become prostituted is easy – but to exit is almost made impossible.

These are a few reasons my voice is silenced, for it refuses to give easy answers or to remain a victim.

There are not easy answer for exited women, but that cannot be heard.

Too many Abolitionists and too many radical feminist think there can be easy answers, or a quick route out for exited women.

This is coz there a lack of listening with open minds and hearts.

Instead, exited women have our truths and lives explained to us, our words drowned out by your packaging of how prostitution should be seen.

In this package, our fury is dampened down, our grief is locked away, our many ways to connect are severed, our desire to live fully is made invisible.

We are made into performing monkies, yet again back to knowing we can never be truly human.

Please know part of our silence is a deep fury that our so-called allies cannot or will not allow us to be fully human.

You make us the Other, as the sex trade and punters did.

You do this through patronising, through only listening if it edges on voyeurism or some kind of horror story.

You do this by not paying us for our work, or using our words or work without permission or out of context.

You do this as you speak to our lives in statistics or academic/journalist works without consulting us.

You do this every you make endless stereotypical boxes of what it is to be prostituted, why some is good and some is bad ways to be prostituted.

You do this every time you separate a under-aged prostitute from an adult prostitute, every time you say forced or chosen prostitution.

You do this every time you say words to makes excuses for punters.

I could on an on and on, but fury wipes me out.

My silence is a weapon, not a message of agreement.

One response to “Into a Void

  1. I am so sorry it has been like this. I think we are just beginning to understand the pervasive Stockholm syndrome we’ve all been living in, and how it poisons our whole society. Thank you for sharing, to help those of us who have not been personally exposed to the nightmare of prostitution understand your experience. I’m so sorry you have felt alienated by other women. I think a lot of time women just don’t know what to say to, because it’s so horrible. Your sharing your thoughts is SO valuable. Thank you.


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