Hurt and Hurting

The harms of prostitution do not just fade away with time.

They do ease, they do calm down.

But with no real justice or expert therapy, the harms of prostitution are hidden in the  bodies and minds of those of us who have exited.

We paint on a survivor face, but our endless striving to find ease and peace is driving us forward.

Our trauma is over 3000 years old.

Our trauma knows every form of torture man can imagine.

Our trauma knows who and what it is to made a porn-doll.

Our trauma covers every country, all cultures and all times of history.

Our trauma is not an individual scream, but an ancient collective yell for justice, acknowledgement and desire to be considered fully human.

The further I get from my experiences in indoors prostitution, the clearer I see and feel this journey of trauma.

I speak of justice as a major factor of this struggle.

I believe that with no justice, there can no end to our extreme and deep-seated trauma.

Let me explain how justice may be for the prostituted class – this will my personal view, and may seen as the beginning not an ending.

Justice for the prostituted for the prostituted begins by know this is not a labour issue, but an extreme human rights crisis.

It not seen as a crisis, for it has been on-going for the vast majority of human history.

It has become so common, that it has become invisible.

In modern history, this invisibility is help by re-branding prostitution as sex work, and therefore it is chosen.

This is helped by saying so-called chosen prostituion is separate from the nasty forced prostitution or under-aged prostitution.

We, the exited, know this is a vicious lie.

We know less than 2% of the prostituted are in a a position of privilege where all their chooses are free.

I know of no exited woman who know of any prostitute who has that privilege.

The Happy Hooker and Entitled Escort is a dangerous myth, which every day is placing the prostituted in situation of torture or being murdered.

Justice would rid the world of the language of sex work.

To get the start tobuilding some route to justice for the prostituted, we must see what  punters are doing, and fully know who the punters are and have always been.

To see punters with a clear eye, is the only way to know why this is a human rights crisis.

Punters can be any man – from any class, from all types of human beliefs systems, from all countries.

Punters are everywhere – whilst being nowhere.

Punters are married, in good relationships, single.

Punters are students, professional men, unemployed, and in every job in every place.

Punters are of every generation, every culture, every educational level.

I could go on forever – for punters are just every man.

What shocks those of us who have exited prostitution – is how every society or culture makes the choice to paint punters as the Other and make them invisible.

Whenever we try to speak to the ordinary violence and hate from the punters – the conversation or debate is turned around to why and how the prostituted must to blame or choose the harms done to them.

Punters seemed to be just in the room or the street, when these harms are done to the prostituted – they are blameless or at worse having a brief mental breakdown.

Punters are viewed as victims not criminals.

It is a view that man are entitled to sex at any time and in any place – so must placed with a class of mainly women and girls to service their sexual greed however violent or full of hate.

That is the purpose of the prostituted class – that is why is vital that the prostituted are voiceless, are made sub-human and have no access to basic human rights.

Only then, can we make punters acceptable – and refuse to see that they are serial rapists, torturers and murderers.

I am great pain at the moment, so I will end here.

Please read and say your thoughts.

2 responses to “Hurt and Hurting

  1. Men need the belief that women freely choose prostitution so they can deny any wrongdoing, on the individual level, or that of themselves as a group. Of course, deep inside, almost everyone knows the truth, they just prefer to hide it from themselves to deny their conscience.

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  2. I am ashamed at how many feminists have taken up the language of “sex work” and “agency.” Rachel Moran stated that any women who espouses this propaganda is a traitor to all women. I agree. These same feminists, and I visit their sites here and there, never talk about the punter and uphold the myths about prostitution that men use to justify their exploitation of women.I want to ask them “why do you REALLY think men buy women and girls?” Unfortunately, I am banned from two sites already….

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