Excuses, Excuses

In this post, I will try and see punters with a clear eye.

I will use their constant whining and justifying to see who and what they are.

Most punters imagine they are sex gods.

Many imagine they are kind to the prostituted.

All know that, in reality, they view all the prostituted as sub-human sexual goods.

All know that owned the prostituted, and that in that ownership all the prostituted lose access to basic human rights.

Therefore there is no such person as a good or decent punter – all are paying to create sexual slavery.

But most punters find excuses for this behaviour, excuses that normalise their violence and hate.

A common excuse is that men cannot survive without unlimited access to sex.

It is as if his penis would go green and drop off, if he cannot get unlimited and easy access to the prostituted.

This myth is emboldened by the false reasoning that if punters are excluded from consuming the prostituted – then he will have to rape or sexually torture “real women”.

Remember that the prostituted are stripped of their humanity – so in the minds of punters, they are impossible to rape.

Money is consent to all punters – but more horrific, money is a shield to torture, to mental abuse, to murder and to creating a genocide of the prostituted.

Punters know they can do any form of mental/physical/sexual on the prostituted, and it will be made invisible.

The motto for punters is Nothing is Happening to Nothing.

Many punters will speak with anger and horror when “real women” are raped – as their pour porn-fuelled violence into the minds and bodies of the prostituted.

I have been with punters condemning child rape, as they are happy to torture sexually an underaged prostitute.

I know punters will gang-raped the prostituted as common practice, but curse gang-rapes when it not inside the sex trade.

Punters ease themselves with these contradictions, buoyed by the sex trade and its allies.

Many punters imagined that their sexual prowess is god-like, that all the prostituted are gagging for his visit.

These punters are often extremely violent, often want sexual acts that cause pain or ignore the prostitute as a full human.

These punters want to conquer, owned and often destroy the prostituted.

He becomes a Man by eliminating the prostitute as a human.

These punters enjoy the terror, the pain and the lack of hope that they place into the prostituted.

Many punters want to think they are the good guys, that they respect the prostituted.

This is bullshit.

No-one who buy another human for his sexual wants is a good man, or know what respect is.

To be a good man would start with never consuming any part of the sex trade, including porn, strip clubs, phone sex and especially all forms of prostitution.

To have respect for the prostituted could start with campaigning for abolition of the sex trade.

Respect is given by demanding full human rights for all the prostituted – that is the right to safety, the right to exit, the right to full humanity.

Respect is given by knowing the prostituted are highly unlikely to freedom to choose.

The prostituted cannot choose whether they will be raped, sexually tortured or murdered – that choice is always controlled by the conscious decision of the punter to be violent or not.

The prostituted does not choose the constant erosion of her humanity by the flow of punters stealing her right to safety and life.

I do not care if an individual punter justify his actions by imaging he must be decent and a gentleman.

Every punter is at any time capable of rape, torture and being a murderer.

Each punter is part of the slow gang-raping of the prostituted that erodes her soul and desire for hope.

I shall end by stating that all punters are the root of all the hate and violence that is the norm for the prostituted.

We must keep our focus on these men, for their demand and sexual greed is the reason the prostituted are scared to even imagined hope or freedom.





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