Tired of Being Tired

In this post, I wish to explain my blockage to writing.

I have put on rock and roll music, coz my mood needs bucking up. I feel sickened at my lack of campaigning, lack of writing and dead soul.

Recently, I have been disabled from Facebook, which has made disconnected from the joys of the net – that my hobbies of anything to do with 1870’s to 1940’s, plus my obsession with American music.

Also, Facebook give me a deep connection to some of my supporters and fellow Abolitionists.

I would love to get back onto Facebook, so if anyone knows how – it will not accept my email or phone number, and I want to keep them.

Well, bum poo piss to that – I must write to why I am finding campaigning and writing so damned difficult.

For a week now, I have getting rid of all pro-sex work lobby from my Twitter account.

Their lack of logic, their hate-speech, their attacks on exited folks and their personal attacks have made so tired.

I know that the sex work lobby will keep on attacking and spreading propaganda, but I choose to ignore their white noise.

I will try to get back on my campaigning bike, and the only good I see in the sex trade lobby, is that their nonsense makes me want to fight harder.

I am tired of their propaganda, I am tired of their blatant lies, I am tired of their attacking exited folks, I am tired of their worshipping of punters.

Christ, I am tired of their shite.

The sex trade lobby has its voice in all media, in most institutions with power – but it plays the victim.

What really maddened me and many other exited folks, is their claim to the voice of the prostituted – when they speak the language of sex trade profiteers, speak in the interests of punters, have no interest in sexual/physical/mental welfare of the prostituted, and give no routes to exiting.

The sex trade lobby spends the majority of its time and energy not in campaigning for the prostituted – but in attacking all who may be Abolitionists, attacking survivors of the sex trade who dare speak to the conditions of prostitution.

This is not for the prostituted – this is the language of making the prostituted into sub-human sexual goods to make profits. This is the language that justify punters destroying any human rights that the prostituted may have.

I am tired that their shite is believed.

So many who are claiming to be feminists, so many Leftists, so many who fight for human rights believe the propaganda of the sex trade lobby.

It becomes a Alice Through the Looking-Glass scenario – white is back, right is wrong and lies becomes the only truth.

Often those who believe in the nonsense that the sex work lobby spread, will be strong supporters anti-rape and anti-domestic violence, but then separate prostitution from all other forms of male violence to females.

Think on this carefully.

Do you think most battered women can be brainwashed to thinking their partner will stop if they just behave carefully.

Do you considered that rape is one of the worst crimes that exists.

Do you think being rape only once can be traumatic.

Do understand that it is highly common that battered find it almost impossible to leave.

Think – would you say similar for the prostituted women, or would makes different rules for them.

Would you say prostitution is freely chosen.

Would you say rape is impossible if money/goods is exchanged.

That it is not believable anyone be raped by thousands of punters and survived – so survivors of prostitution must be lying.

Would you say it is easy to leave prostitution.

Think and say any of that and you are making the prostituted not fully human.

This is sickening.

No wonder I am so exhausted.




3 responses to “Tired of Being Tired

  1. Concerning Facebook, I would generally recommend making a burner address, that generally works (unless they check your ip, but then it should be solved by a vpn).


  2. A burner account is an email account you make especially for a single purpose and that basically is disposable. You can very easily make one at one of the free services, although I would generally go with gmail. I don’t know about Facebook (I personally am not a fan at all), but very often, they ask for a phone number, but you can usually skip past that. If not, you could try using your old number for such a verification step, or you could ask someone to use their number to one rime receive such a code.


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