I am hurting, hurting coz disbelief and or belief in only the stereotypes of what it is to be prostituted, is constantly making the prostituted or exited invisible.

The image of what is and what is not a prostitute discounts the majority of us.

It is an image divided between sex slaves and women who need money so offer out sex. There is no middle ground, no complicated drives into the sex trade, and no listening to the exited.

It is an useful silencing tool, for it feeds into our trauma and fragmented memory.

Sadly, these myths are often held by people who we love, hold in respect or want long- term relationship with.

Often being disbelieved come from a place of love, or desire to help.

But, there is no listening, just speaking around, through and over.

Even if an exited woman appeared to be heard, there is no real listening, just wanting for the gap to say how and why she got it wrong.

Most of the exited fall back into silence, and learning to keep their heads down, in order to keep friendship or family relationships.

I have few words about this, and may write more later.


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