If it Quacks like a Duck

There are so many ways to pretend that prostitution is not prostitution.

In this post, I will focus on how child sexual exploitation is disconnected from prostitution, even when often they are clearly one and the same.

If a girl is being paid for by punters, if there is hundreds of these punters – that is both sexual exploitation and prostitution.

If groups of men are grooming those girls to be sex objects for profits – that is both sexual exploitation and prostitution.

These are the norms of CSE, but for some reason is cut away from the world of the sex trade.

In reality, it is internal trafficking to all forms of prostitution and other routes into the sex trade.

But, when these exploited girls are embedded into the sex trade, they become invisible and unimportant.

They are labelled as having chosen their lifestyle, being a happy hooker.

Once, a girl is trapped inside the sex trade, she loses her right to be a victim, her right to be a to a child.

To be made a prostitute, is to have no connections back to having basic human rights.

An exploited girl can be pitied – a prostituted girl is constantly up for it.

An exploited girl who is a prostitute must never be heard, seen or made fully human – in case, seeing her means we may say all prostitution is exploitative.

So, now we see CSE as on-off tragedies – whether in Telford, Rochdale, Newcastle or Oxford – but refuse to joined the dots.

We refuse to see that most adults prostituted girls started as exploited girls.

We refuse to connect that money is the roots of most CSE.

Instead, we see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil as our girls are raped, murdered and tortured.

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