No More

I have campaigning for real justice and dignity for the prostituted for so long, and every time small progress is made, I see how trapped the prostituted are.

There is a long road to true justice for the prostituted, I have enough of the few crumbs we are meant to be grateful for.

I fight for the Nordic Approach to cover every country in the world.

But that is brilliant start, but nowhere near the end to gain true justice and dignity for all the prostituted.

It is vital that we criminalise all men who choose to buy other humans for their sexual greed.

That is a good start, but we need to dig deeper into showing who these are punters.

We need more than a standard fine for punters.

We need to fine on a scale of their income, such as 10% of their wages or benefits.

We need to have serious jail sentences for sadist punters and punters who consume the prostituted on a regular basis.

We need stop shaming the prostituted, and place all the blame and stigma onto the punters.

It is vital to criminalise all those who profiteer from all forms of prostitution.

But again, we must do more.

We must accept that there is little or no difference between profiteering from trafficking or so-called freely chosen prostitution.

We must see that all forms of prostitution, whether indoors or street-based, is structured on profiteering on rape, torture and disregard of the welfare of the prostituted.

That is there no safe variety of prostitution.

And, if we get the Nordic Approach, it must be with holistic and long-term approaches to how the prostituted can exit.

If we are to offer long-term therapy or counselling, it must be designed to be specialist to understand the trauma of surviving prostitution.

We must give the exited routes back to employment or education, routes to a safe place to live.

We may need to build ways for prostituted women to get their children back.

All that is vital and life-affirming.

It not good enough to just be an internet warrior who types how great the Nordic Approach is.

The prostituted are inside a genocide, so hiding beside a computer, and saying how sad that is is never enough.

I stopped writing, coz despair was in my heart.

Do more please.




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