Sitting Still

Oh well, sitting here listening to Otis sitting at the dock of the bay – trying to frame my mind round postmodernism and free speech.

In other words, trying to understand how and why modern feminism and students cannot see that the prostituted class deserve human rights, and that in the sex trade there is no such thing as free choice for the prostituted.

I have always I was a leftist and a feminist – but the more I become an Abolitionist and exited woman, the more distance I feel.

I feel betrayed by modern feminism and left-wing views – in the name of individualism and free choice, the  prostituted are abandoned to male violence.

This is a tragedy, for it is a genocide in plain view.

It appears all the rules of the left and feminism are shattered when it comes to the prostituted.

Let me speak to a few givens that are abandoned when it comes to the prostituted.

Firstly, I thought that to be on the left we can see we are more than just individual who can make free choices without outside interference.

That is never true.

All choice is affected by society, upbringing, position in class, ethnicity, education and endless factors that comes from outside the individual.

More important, an individual has little or no power to controlling whether others abuse them or not, whether they get caught in a man-made or natural disaster, or whether they are viewed as sub-human or not.

The prostituted as a class are made up of mostly females who have all access to free choice eroded from them.

This erosion is through being non-white, through childhood abuse, through poverty, through living in a war or disaster zone, through access to the porn culture, through peer pressure, through vulnerabilities that are a magnet to the sex trade profiteers.

This is the environment in which the prostituted are given access to “free choice”.

It is a like a a bird in a cage thinking it is free, for it can know no other world.

I have learnt the hard way to not rely on the left or modern feminism.

As the prostituted are being tortured, raped and murdered, the left and modern feminists discuss how to speak to prostitution without offending anyone or speaking to the conditions the prostituted are in.

To never speak the conditions, is to do the work of the sex trade and its supporters.

If we never speak to those hells, how an we ever truly understand what it is to be prostituted.

Free speech has become a silencing weapon.

By framing free speech as a place where no-one is allowed to be upset, where all language must framed in sex work jargon – that is tool to silence Abolitionists and exited women.

Often this is framed as a debate.

That is debate between a multi-billions institution against Abolitionists and exited women.

I cannot “debate” whilst millions of the prostituted are living in a genocide.

The Left have abandoned the prostituted, ignoring their oppression, and deciding against logic the prostituted are liberated and may even be privileged.

Modern feminists have abandoned the prostituted by saying it is individual free choice and empowering for women.

It has become the way to get females out of poverty.

It is has become the way to all disabled men access to paid sex.

It is spoken as the way to get over student debt.

Hell, in this postmodern utopia – to be prostituted has become the only way women and girls can be liberated.

I have no place in that world.




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