Are We Allowed to be Human

This is written as workers and volunteers for human rights groups are being accused of consuming the prostituted.

This has deeply triggered me, but also what stuns me is the shock that there is.

These men who make the choice to consume the prostituted are all the same, whether they claimed to care about human rights.

To be a punter is to decide the prostituted are not human enough to deserved rights.

This is hate – there should no place for any punter in any charity or human rights group.

There is nothing new about punters hiding in charities and human groups.

I was consumed by men who were in human rights groups, in campaigning groups for liberation, and men who said they hated torture and abuse of females.

These men preach ways to end torture as they torture my mind and body into hell.

These men call an end to rape in war zones, an end to rape as torture  as they carelessly raped me into forgetting I had a body.

Their wordsof freedom, of rebellion, of resisting were dust struck in my throat as they deep-throated me.

They spoke to me of resisting torture of political prisoners as they shown porn that rehearsed all forms of torture before they pour it into the  bodies of the prostituted.

The screams of the prostituted were nothing.

The inner and outer injuries of the prostituted were made invisible.

The deaths of the prostituted were made unimportant.

These are listed on human rights records, these are rarely reported by the liberal media, these are made nothing happening to nobody.

Instead, too many human rights groups and members hold up being prostituted as free choice and a good way out of poverty and oppression.

The poisonous language of sex work dominates all discussions round prostitution and human rights.

Look, at the liberal reaction to Oxfam workers consuming the prostituted in Haiti.

Too often it is said without logic or compassion, that being paid for sex in a disaster zone is excellent way out of poverty.

So, with that logic, all women and girls who are poor or desperate, should sell their bodies and minds for men’s sexual greed.

Or does that only apply to women and girls who we can Other – such poor black females, females from care, females who appears to have mental health issues, females who are indigenous etc.

In fact, punters and sex trade profiteers find ways to make all types of females into the Other and into the prostituted.

But still the liberal media and its supporters find ways to justify their men consuming the prostituted – ways of avoiding of connecting this with human rights.

I see hate-speech.

I could cry, but who cares about the tears of the prostituted.






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