Writing to the Unseen

Trauma is a pain that is silenced, made invisible and always framed in the wrong way.

In my blog, I try to say trauma in plain words.

Say that extended desert with no end.

Say how pain is so normal it no longer allow to be real.

Say being alert and waking in the night is printed in my skin.

But my personal trauma is a tiny part of why I became an Abolitionist.

My trauma is the the norm of being part of the prostituted class.

To have been inside the sex trade and survive is to drown in trauma.

I want all people who claim they care for the prostituted to study, listen and understand that trauma.

There can be no lasting change or route to justice, if our trauma is made invisible.

We live with impacted complex trauma, a trauma from a place of being made sub-human.

Our trauma was made from a diet of constant rapes from hundreds of men, constant mental and physical violence, and a reality of being on the edge of death.

Our trauma was made to grow by the turning away by those who could of help us have a reason to remember we were still human.

Our trauma was encouraged to hide by the language of sex work, and the constant message that we were weak if we  even for a moment thought we did not like being prostituted.

The trauma of the prostituted is the loudest silent scream that I know of.

It is a scream that the world has ignore for over 3000 or so years.

A scream that rains blood on every continent.

A scream that is shamefully made silent by all governments, all institutions hat could  help and by a public that cannot know the prostituted.

Inside that silent screaming, is a broken heart of the rejected and the search for a route to being part of what it is to be  fully human.

That is trauma in the raw.

Please listen and don’t speak over.

That would be a good start.


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