More Myths

Speaking to the conditions of the prostituted as a class, is to unpick sterotypes and myths.

I will try to do this.

Part of the struggle of being an Abolitionist is the constant myth-making by those who cannot see an end to the sex trade.

A major myth is that prostitution will never go away.

That was said of slavery across Africa to Americas and Europe.

That was said of Apartheid in South Africa.

Anything made by humans can be dismantle by humans.

There is nothing nature about prostitution or any aspect of the sex trade.

With collective actions, listening deeply to exited women, educating boys and men not to think that buying another human for their sexual greed is acceptable, and by the punishment of sex trade profiteers and punters – we being the road to full abolition of the sex trade.

Another huge myth is the to be prostituted there must always be money or gifts in the hands of the prostituted.

This is mostly true, but it never the only factor that makes it Prostitution.

Many of the prostituted received little if no money, but are in conditions of being exchanged for sex to punters.

There may be money exchanged, but this is invisible to the individual prostitution.

This is common with young trafficked girls in Western countries.

These young teenager (mostly, those some as young as eight or nine), are exchanged between many punters in rooms .

It will seemed to the prostituted girl that she just has many men wanting to screw her, usually with extreme violence, often as gang raping, always by men with no love, often no names or even seeing the girls as a real human.

Many poor women and girls in countries with deep long-term poverty are “born” to be prostituted.

They receive no money or so little it may as well be no money.

Many prostituted women and girls have punters so violent that they can not be paid and the prostitute will be in a state to care.

You cannot force a punter to pay, when he knows he just needs to beat her up instead.

It is thought that all the prostituted are pimped out.

This is not true.

For many of the prostituted, especially those are indoors, may be contacted over the computer, with no pimps involved.

I will more about myths soon, I am on forever – as the sex trade and its allies will always lies to keep their profits flowing

One response to “More Myths

  1. Thank you for your work, Rebecca. I hope you don’t mind but I have quoted from your blog and linked back to you. I’m working on the website for Save Our Eyes, we campaign against the “managed approach” in Leeds.
    Jalna has educated me about the Nordic approach and this is something we have incorporated into our campaign.


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