Popping In and Out

There is a current fear that brothels are popping up in decent places and for any gathering where many men may gather.

This is portrayed as a new threat.

It is as old as the sex trade learnt it major profit came from places its enslaved goods indoors.

As new as the Ancient societies who built pop-up temples/brothels round the Olympics, around religious festivals, around seizure of land and property.

I am trying to write notes on pop-up brothels as a new event, but all I see and hear are the ghosts of prostituted class – why are re-inventing the wheel in order to distract from real action.

The threat is not to dig into the motives of modern pop-up brothels, but to shine a bright light into the conditions that all the prostituted class have to do endured.

Part of making real and radical change is to know the past for the prostituted is horrifyingly similar to our times.

Torture have not changed, murder has not changed, mental violence has not changed, making women and girls into sexual goods has not changed, porn being forced into the living bodies of the prostituted has not changed.

And the constant genocide of replaceable and disposal women and girls named the prostituted class has not changed.

All that has changed is the words used to keep this violence invisible, all that is changed is the technology and its availability to the masses of men.

Know the sex trade is always up with technology, finding the cheapest and most widely spread ways to enticed the punters.

The world of the sex trade is as as large as that society and time knows.

We live in a world of instant and world-wide contact at tap of a lap-top, a world where any punter can order up an escort as easily as ordering a pizza.

But the sex trade was in every corner of the Roman Empire, with a constant supply of slaves, captured “prizes” from wars to give punters variety and access to do sadist sex on demand.

Punters have never live in a time where their sadist and porn-fuelled demands will not be cater for.

Part of that demand is for pop-up brothels as their right.

All religious and political events supply access to the prostituted, now and in the past.

Sporting events will be trailed by pop-up access to the prostituted, now and in the past.

All long-terms wars or expansion into other countries, will be have a following of the sex trade – now and in the past.

This is the bitter history of the sex trade, the greed, hate and violence follow men who may become punters into war-zones, into places of natural disasters, into societies where poverty is embedded, into places where child abuse is normal – always making as large a profit as possible.

The sex trade is a vampire – destroying hope and freedom for all women and girls by saying in the long run any man at any time, in any place and almost all societies can make them into sexual goods, and have sadism and porn poured into their bodies.

The sex trade and its poison is not modern in this attitude, it be full of hate and lies for the minimum of three or four thousand years.

So, it hard to say that the modern threat of pop-up brothels is new.

I know as long as we make the sex trade a normal part of any society, then the violence will continue.

The only way to end violence to the prostituted is to close down the sex trade root and branch.

This starts with confronting demand, confronting all punters.

We need to shout that no man has the right to buy another human for his sexual greed, his sense of entitlement, for his desire to be sadist without consequences.

There is no human right that states buying the prostituted is ok.

Punters need to learn that their penis will go green and drop off if they don’t get access to the prostituted.

We need explode the myths and lies that are said about why there is a demand.

Most punters are men in a stable relationships, men who have a staple job, men who appear to be happy with their lives.

They are not the disabled, the ugly, the lonely or the discarded men that the sex work propaganda said they are.

But either if they fit those categories, still it is not a human right to consume the prostituted.

Being ugly or lonely does not stop doing the work of building a real relationship.

It is insulting to say the disabled must consume the prostituted – that is saying one oppressed group must oppressed another, as the oppressor of both stand back and takes the profit.

It become the norm that buying and consuming of the prostituted is a criminal act, that punters become pariahs.

That is a start to ending the normalisation of the sex trade.

The start of dignity and true hope being given to the prostituted class.

Bloody know our past, stop reinventing the wheel – and start fighting for radical justice for all the prostituted.




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