New Words For Old Violence

I wish to write after a long silence about my frustration that it is thought that violence is worse in the sex trade than the past.

This is not true.

Torture, murder, mass raping, mental destruction and child abuse has always been the norms of prostitution, porn and all other aspects of the sex trade.

All that is changed is we finally living in an age where it is seen Рseen and then made  invisible Рno longer hidden in plain sight.

There was no golden age where prostitution was non-violent, no golden age where the prostituted class were respected.

There is no culture that normalising the sex trade where porn is just mutual sex.

There is no time where the prostituted have safety, dignity and access to basic human rights.

Gonzo porn is just new word for old violence.

Punters in all centuries, in most cultures have always pushed the boundaries of sexist sex

To consume the prostituted is the same whatever century it is placed – it is a place where punters can be as sadist as they can imagine with no consequences.

The main change is that now the voices of exited women are slowly being shouting out.

This is the change where hope of justice can become a reality.

For most of history, the prostituted have no voice – the only voices were of the punters and sex trade profiteers

So, it is not surprising that the violence appears to be new.

Where are the voices of the enslaved prostituted women tortured and and murdered in Ancient Greek and Roman temples?

Where are the voices of the prostituted in medieval brothels?

Where are the lasting records of the wasted lives of geishas, of courtesans?

Where is the voices of the thousands of prostituted women and girls in Regency England?

That is a tiny sample of the endless silence.

What history gives us is the views of those who want put on rose-tainted glasses.

We get Fanny Hill, we get I Claudius, we get Moulon Rouge, we get Norman Mailer, we get Memoirs of a Geisha, we get endless paintings, essays and novels on how fun prostitution is.

The truths of violence, the truths of genocide, the truths of serial raping are firmly placed into a box.

The screams, the pleas for something better, the agony of the prostituted class is made to not exist.

So, now with no history it is imagined that sadist porn and prostitution was invented after the 1980’s.

So ignored the evidence that slipped through the small gaps.

Ignored the pottery, graffiti and notes left from Ancient Greece and Roman societies showing sadist raping of the prostituted.

Ignored the poverty, the extreme desperation that was the background noise for the prostituted in Regency London.

Ignored how Victorian punters demanded child prostitutes as a staple.

Ignored how geishas/courtesans had no rights outside what their male punters give them, and were thrown away when seen as too old or independent.

Again this a tiny sample of how we refuse to see the violence done the prostituted is not new.

As long as the sex trade is normalised, the extreme violence and hate will be the norm that all the prostituted have to live with.

Please don’t all this genocide to be invisible.


One response to “New Words For Old Violence

  1. We have lived in a Patriarchal Society since the beginning oftime, I don’t see men willing to give up their power over Women, even the word Women has men attached to it, pretty clear who the boss is.


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