No Prostitution Day

Today is International No Prostitution Day.

Wow, one day in the sea of pro-sex work propaganda.

One day to confront the male demand for the prostituted.

One day to grieve the endless rapes, torturing and murders of the prostituted.

One day to speak to the trauma, suicides and internal/external injuries that is the realities of the prostituted.

One day to say it is not drugs that push most into prostitution – no drugs becomes a way of staying alive by numbing and destroying the reality of being made into subhuman fuck toy.

One day to mourn how so many girls with no access to self-worth, often fron years of  neglect, abuse and isolation are the supply for sex trade profiteers.

One day no prostitution is the cure to female poverty – not when pimps steal the money, – and not when no money is ever enough to stop life-long trauma from serial raping and torturing.

One day to say out loud about complex trauma as only gift that is given to exited women. Trauma worse than most frontline soldiers.

One day to speak to all the physical injuries done to the prostitute – the ripping of our vaginas and anuses, the constant reality of STDs, the bruises, the lose of memory from bashing our heads too often, the marks from strangulation, the cuts and external/internal injuries from sadist sex acts.

And that a tiny tip of a endless iceberg  of what the prostituted endured.

That is rebranded as the risk of the job – and made invisible.

One day to say the prostituted have always resisted this sexual slavery – but the story of prostitution is written by punters and sex trade profiteers, so our voices are silenced.

One day to say, there can be no safe form of how to be a prostitution, there can no safe place to be prostituted in.

The only safety is abolished all forms of prostitution.

We need shout out loud to drown out the sex work propaganda, and not for one but every day until all the prostituted are free.


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