To Liberal Feminists

Dear liberal feminists, I have lost patience with your backing of the sex trade.

Sorry, in your deep ignorance, you say it is sex work.

You listen to sex trade profiteers, listen to male concepts of prostitution, listen to statements of empowerment and liberation – but stubbornly dismiss the multiple voices of exited.

This is like trying to understand the Holocaust by reading the diaries of SS officers, and avoiding testimonies of survivors of the concentration camps.

Oh, I hear your loud denial and justifications.

I hear and see clearly you many ways of pushing away exited women.

Now in this post, I will To how you are betraying all the prostituted – by doing so you are proving you have no real understanding of feminism.

I have hurt your precious feelings – well suck it up, you are colluding with genocide.

If you make the choice to call prostitution sex work.

If you speak in the language of labour rather than the language of human rights.

If you claim prostitution is a choice – especially an empowered choice.

If you rebrand the prostituted as sexual outlaws.

If you say the only “bad” push into the sex trade is poverty.

If you separate child prostitution from adult prostitution.

If you think New Zealand has the best approach to prostitution.

If you say the Nordic Approach is dangerous and pushing prostitution underground.

If you think indoors prostitution can made safe.

If you back sex work unions or collectives.

If rebrand prostitution and porn as adult entertainment or boys being boys.

If you external trafficking is economic migration.

If you disconnect child sexual exploitation from prostitution.

If you turn away from the racism of all the sex trade.

If, if, if you do any or all of these things, then you are no feminist and you are part of the problem.

This is not a labour issue, it not sex work.

Would be willing to having every cell in your body abused, ripped at, raped, threatened with death.

Would be willing to let even one punter do that to your body, let so many punters that you lose count.

Would you not deadened all emotions, try to get out of your body.

Can you not imagine that to be raped so often, it loses the language of violence and become your norm.

Till you survive by refusing to know it as hate and violence – and reinventing hell as chosen and empowering.

Is that your definition of sex? Would you call that work?

I frame it as slavery, as exploitation, as the making of a sub-human class named the prostituted.

I see the rapes, the torturing and the deaths of the prostituted as the longest genocide  humans ever invented.

It started when the first caveman understood he could exchange food or goods for other men to rape “his” women.

Yes, prostitution is old, there as a background noise in almost all cultures.

It has many forms of hiding.

The stealing of women in territorial wars to rape and own is not as part of the sex trade.

The selling of wives is not part of the sex trade.

Geishas are placed outside the sex trade.

Stripping is disconnected from prostitution.

All this part of the sex trade, all fit in with prostitution.

But, you liberal feminists spend endless hours saying and writing about good and bad prostitution.

You are so desperate to imagine that prostitution can be made nice – safe and clean for your boyfriends, husband, fathers, uncles, work colleagues to consume.

You are imaging you doing this for the prostituted – bullshite, you are enabling the violence and hate of punters.

Your ignorance is increasing the profits for the sex trade.

Your ignorance is giving permission for punters to as sadist as they want with no consequences.

Your ignorance is increasing all forms of trafficking into the sex trade.

You are no innocent bystander, but an enabler of genocide.

I have enough of making nice, for as you debate and justify doing as little as possible – the prostituted are being tortured and killed.

Wake up.

4 responses to “To Liberal Feminists

  1. I once read a liberal feminist who stated there was nothing necessarily “gendered” about prostitution, it just so happens that in our society it is mainly women. Yeah, genius, why is that!? Please point out to me the cultures in which there are male prostitutes with female buyers at an equal rate as male buyers of female prostitutes. It’s ridiculous, and knowledge has failed.


  2. I remember sitting on a bus once, and this young woman started talking to me (which is a very common occurrence in Northern England). She asked for a cigarette, I gave her one, and then out of nowhere she started telling me she was a heroin addict and prostitute, on her way to work the street for the evening. I didn’t disbelieve her – she was thin, tired looking and dressed in a shabby short skirt and spaghetti strap best with her bra poking out, but she went as far as pointing out her track marks because she thought I would think she was lying. I think more than anything, she just needed someone to talk to, because she told me how badly she was treated by the Johns, that she’d lost count of the times she’d been raped, how she wanted to get clean and get a normal, boring job – even get some qualifications. She said that normally, people wouldn’t talk to her because of what she was, and how much her addictions were a vicious circle where she needed the heroin to get through the horror of her life, but her horrific life was now because of the heroin. She said she wasn’t worried about dying, if it happened it was an end to it all. She said she probably had HIV but was scared to get tested. She was a survivor of childhood sexual abuse.

    How anyone could say that that life is empowering is a massive insult to the women trapped in a life like that. Every man I have known admit to using prostitutes has been generally misogynistic on other fronts, the Jack the lad sort who score elsewhere, but like the fact that they are paying a woman to be degraded. One I asked why he did it when he has no problems scoring at the weekend said that he didn’t care that he was exploiting an addict, he just liked the fact that “she HAD to do it”. He got off on the shaky consent.

    Despite being the most common experience of sex for sale, these situations are almost entirely ignored by liberal feminists, who have this Belle Du Jour happy hooker image as the poster child of their sex positive approach to prostitution. They’re not trendy enough, and pokes holes in the concept that sex work benefits women. It’s easy to see why this is being done – it’s a technique to reframe feminism as being about what makes men happier. If you highlight that prostitutes are victims of the situation, that means the men using them are Bad People, and when men are called Bad People society doesn’t inspect the behaviour of those men – it turns on the people calling out their behaviour.

    The way to protect prostitutes isn’t straight forward. They need a lot of support, and that support doesn’t come from making it easier for men to buy their services.


  3. My primary, related, female caregiver pimped me throughout my entire childhood. My earliest memories of being passed around are from about three years old. (She also sexually abused me.) I got out at 17. I got myself a great education and became a university instructor. But it was too late for my body. By the time I was in my mid 30s, the numerous injuries caused by all those rapists rendered me physically disabled by constant, crippling back pain. I can’t work. I can barely walk. Sometimes, the pain is so bad, I can barely breathe.

    But, because I never “worked” as an adult, I’ve felt that I can’t really speak about adult prostitution because I never experienced it. But I’ve never met an adult female prostitute who wasn’t sexually abused as a child, and virtually all of them started “working” when they were still minors. My gut feeling is that it’s hell for adult women too. I can never think of that tearing, soul and body destroying hell as mere “labour.” But I keep my mouth shut and only address the issue of prostituted children, because that’s all I know. Of course, lots of people who have never experienced it feel free to publicly declare their opinions about it all. They shouldn’t. They should shut up and listen.


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