Moving On

At the beginning of October, I am moving to Devon from Manchester.

This is huge and in this post, I want to explore why and how it is connected to my past.

I am 54, but this will be real home.

That is moving to Devon is my free choice and desire, not a place I run to to hide.

I am choosing to be visible, I am choosing to regain the good part of my family.

I am choosing mental and physical health with the help of those who care about me, not struggling in isolation.

The main reason that I moving is have my family back.

I am moving to the same market town as my sister.

I am going to be a sister, an aunt, a sister-in-law.

I never thought I would get this back.

I thought all I deserved was to be alone, but slowly and with great love my sister and I have found each other.

This is massive for me, my sister by my side gives great strength and will to go forward.

Being an aunt is wonderful, especially now they are young adults.

I am going to improve my physical health, with the hope there is the added bonus that it helps my trauma.

Devon has no ghosts, no memories of punters, no experiences of male violence for me.

So it is a new start, in many ways a kind of rebirth.

I know things may go wrong, I know I am scared, I know I will get pissed off with my  family and not being in a city.

I am not naive, just very excited.

I write because, I know I cannot do this alone.

I would very grateful if my faithful readers could give moral and emotional support in this new part of my life.

Please hold in your thoughts or prayers, for this is huge.


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