Punter Watching

I wish to write about punters.

To write who and what they are. This is a list of typical punters, though of course as it is personal, will miss out some.

And of any punter reading this will deny it anything to do with him, coz all punters cannot see themselves.

I write from experiences, I write from listening to my exited Sisters, I write from using my brain.

Mostly I write from my heart, and in order to stop punters getting let off the hook.

So here is my list.


The collector is commonly rebranded as a Hobbyist.

This punter thinks of himself as superior to most of the human race.

He thinks of himself as an artist, a true radical, a gift to everyone who he chooses to communicate with.

Normally he is rich, or acts as if he is rich.

He views the prostituted as his slaves.

Only he pretend they are the happy slaves, the slaves who want to be consumed to death.

The collector want to consume as many prostitutes as he can in one lifetime.

His collection will made from many types of the prostituted, many ways to use the prostituted, and many countries and places to consume the prostituted.

The collector has no heart, he cannot see the prostituted as human.

The prostituted are his property.

But he not only consumed the prostituted, he uses their lives for his art, his novel writing, his research.

He writes, films and records the prostituted not for her truths, but to boost his ego.

All the collector writes, writes or researches is just to say he is is fine to rape, batter or murder the prostituted – for his experience is valued more than her existence.


There is the punter who it is their first time.

Many are pushed in by family, by peer pressure, or by being surrounded by a culture that tells real men have to fuck a whore to be accepted.

It is easy to pity these punters, to make a romantic picture of some confused young lad.

Don’t pity them – for they are still rapists, still capable of extreme violence to the prostituted.

No man is forced to be a punter – each and every man can refuse peer pressure.

Every virgin punter who makes the choice to consume the prostituted, has made the choice to be part of male violence.


There are the punters who want to imagine that his prostitute is pure, is unused by any other punters.

These are the punters that keep up the demand for under-aged prostitution, asking all the time for the youngest and least experienced.

This is a sickness of wanting to conquer and owned the sexuality of the prostituted.

It is a conscious denial of a hidden knowledge.

That is that all punters pretends he is a private and individual experience with the prostitute, whilst fully knowing she is consumed by many, many, many others punters.

The cherry picker wants his prostitute to be pure, innocent and unfucked by other men.

Then he is giving himself full permission to hate the prostituted for allowing others men to consume her.

She becomes the villain, and he the rapist becomes the duped.


Many punters are religious zealots.

These punters see all the prostituted as dirty, inhuman and bound for hell.

These punters can be of all religions, and all are hypocrites.

These are the punters who whine on and on and on about the filthy lifestyle of the prostituted, speak to their deep pain that are consuming such a sinful act.

But they get their money worth, nothing in their Bible, Koran, Torah or other holy books gets in the way of their fucking.

These punters still put more salt in wounds of the prostituted.

After the fucking, these men make the choice to pray over the prostituted and to preach how the prostituted are sinners.


There are the punters who think everything they do to the prostituted is unimportant coz it not done to real women.

These punters usually are in a stable relationship, and would never imagine raping, battering or hurting his partner.

But he will pay to bash up, rape, mentally torture and play death games with the prostituted – for it is just a game, a pastime that is outside reality.

These punters openly condemned rape, child abuse when it done to real women and girls – but continued do those acts in brothels, sex clubs and on the streets.


I can’t go on, sorry this makes me sick.

I know there many other types of punters, and if exited women wants to add more, please do.


2 responses to “Punter Watching

  1. The Sadist. Rare but there, the Sadist john is there for pain he can get away with causing.

    These punters started on hurting animals, now they pay pimps to keep their victims silent.

    Sometimes they focus on a specific vulnerability, like a racial minority or drug addict, but being prostituted is usually considered victim enough.

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  2. Oh the Sadist, I think I blocked him out, coz it was too common for me. Most of the punters that consume enjoy my pain and terrror – it was a game for them.

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